12 Strangest Buses

Created by car artist Tom Kennedy, the Topsy-Turvy Bus (Topsy) is a bus made of two school buses welded together, one upside down on top of the other. The bus is currently touring the country to "dramatically depict America’s upside down budget priorities."

The World’s Longest Bus is made in China, costs USD 250,000, and it only works in cities without corners, The other way would be to drive from one block to another without turning. This 83 foot long bus has a capacity of 300 people and is divided into 3 compartments, due to this its speed limit is up to 51mph max, probably to avoid any unwanted incident, but then with that kind of speed this bus would cause traffic jam that might clog up the city.

What do you get when you cross a bus with a train? The Bus Train, a dual-mode vehicle that has the versatility of a bus, the speed of light rail and fuel economy vastly better than either.

The Cat Bus

The Boat Bus, a british bus capable of surfing the Thames.

Gangsta' School bus

Low rider school bus

Totoro Cat Bus
Bus + VW Kombi
Volkswagen Bus with tracks
The truck bus
The Nigerian School bus

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