18 Weird Cats

Lynx in Manama, Bahrain
Mr. Tinkles at 'Cats and Dogs' Premiere
Cat and Mouse in Navy Upside-Down Test
German Green Party Poster That Reads 'One Cannot Always Spot Nazis at First Sight'
British Blue Attempts to Join Sister in Goldfish Bowl
A Ragdoll Cat at the Can Fanciers' Association
Pet Canary on Head of Household Cat

African Serval Kitten
Acrobatic Cat
One of Ernest Hemingway's Six-Toed Cats Drinks from His Glass
Cat Cafe (Cyber Cafe for Cats) in Tokyo
Persian Kittens in London
Pet Cat With Different Eyes
Pet Cat With Different Eyes

Oriental Shorthair Bears Its Teeth
Russian Don Sphynx
Cat Dropped Upside Down to Observe How It Rights Itself

Cat on Halloween in Japan

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