20 Pictures Of Nerdy Cupcakes

Classic Geek Gear Cupcakes
Are you gonna eat that pocket protector?

“Frogger” Cupcakes
You can jump onto the log, or… y’know… just eat it.

Darth Vader Cupcake
NOOOOO! I’ve been eaten!

Cupcake In Space
We landed on the moon. Then we made cupcakes to commemorate it.

Robot Cupcakes
According to the rules, robot cupcakes cannot attack humans.

Old School Saturday Morning Cupcakes
“Danger Mouse” FTW!

“Harry Potter” Cupcakes
Just be careful of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Eaten.

“Princess Bride” Cupcakes
You ate my father. Prepare to die.

Periodic Table of Cupcakes
We could sure go for some Antimony right now.

Tech Buzzword Cupcakes
Even cupcakes must have Wi-Fi.

“South Park” Cupcakes
They’re so good, it makes you wonder if they should have used cupcakes instead of construction paper.

“Guitar Hero” Cupcakes
Play with your food. Seriously, play DragonForce with these.

iPhone App Cupcakes
We’ve got a Google Map for you… directly to my stomach.

LEGO Cupcakes
Where’s the wizard? The wizard is our favorite!

“Star Wars” Cupcakes
Do eat them, or do not… and leave them for us.

Mii Cupcakes
Now they can populate the stands in “Mario Kart” and get eaten.

Brain Cupcake
This received first prize at the National Zombie Bake-Off.

“Ninja Turtles” Cupcakes
We miss the TV show so much! Cupcake-a-bunga!

Two Dozen Symbols of Geekdom as Cupcakes
We can’t decide which one to eat first. We’ll just shove them all into our mouths at once.

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