21 Impressive Bathroom Pictures

A bathroom, restroom, goldfish graveyard, or whatever you call it can be a great place for a photograph, clean or dirty.

Here are a few unique photos that may spark your creativeness for your next photo session.
Empty Bathroom by limonada

Max-Taut-Schule by jonas k

Bathroom reading by thejbird

Ode to Jack Kerouac by Olivander

why men... by tobym

Don't you ever knock? by Zach ManchesterUK

bathroom by axeldeviaje

Sh**! by TheGiantVermin

Bath by zero1o1

Living with me in the bathroom by .LWR

What the spider saw... by Zach ManchesterUK

Nature Calls by Cade

About making her feel like a Queen... by DOS82

clean by lintmachine

Independence Day by jessamyn

Contrastes by Fábio Pinheiro

striped walls! by ooh food

bathroom by house-n-baby

bathroom storage by ooh food

Bathroom by Aristocrat

Jack the ripper "home sweet home": The Bathroom by Pixelicus

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