25 Extremely Expressive Primates

Owl Faced Monkey With Mother 'Karmina' in France

Japanese Macaque Near Fire in Nagoya, Japan

Coconut-Plucking Monkey Tied to Truck in Thailand
Capuchin Monkey at Home in Rockville, Maryland
Monkey in Zoological Park in Caracas, Venezuela

Monkey in Cage in Jakarta, Indonesia

Black Spider Monkey on Reserve in Brazil

Orangutan and Infant at Ragunan Zoo in Indonesia

Baby Gorilla at Zoo in Prague

Diego, a Howler Monkey, at Edinburgh Zoo

Baby Arabian Baboon at Fuzhou Zoo in China

Baby Gorilla at San Francisco Zoo

Tarsier in Sanctuary in the Phillipines

Japanese Macaques Bathe In Hot Springs

Monkey Eats Popsicle, Lahore, Pakistan

Baby Orangutan Cuddles With Sumatran Tiger Cub at Animal Hospital in Indonesia

Infant Pigmy Chimpanzee in Cincinnati, Ohio

Red Titi Monkey in London Zoo

Monkey With Fall Out Boy in New York

Francois' Langur Monkey at London Zoo

Monkey Makeout Session on Valentine's Day 2004, Monkey Temple in Bangkok Thailand

Slow Loris Drinks at Rescue Center in China

Japanese Macaques Cool Off at Zoo in Rome

Male Siamang Inflates His Throat at Mogo Zoo in Australia

Kibabu the Gorilla at Zoo in Sydney, Australia

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