The Most Bizarre X-Ray Pictures

YOU know those X-Rays of people who have been impaled on something hideous, or have had something unusual growing in them?

Well, here are the most memorable:
Shooting Pains

HOU Guoying, 65, of China, has a pain in her face. She has been complaining of an agonising headache.

Guoying has a bullet embedded near her right jaw and ear, having been accidentally shot with a pistol during the Cultural Revolution in 1967.

In 1978, an X-ray revealed the bullet in her head. She declined an opertion, fearing the poor medical facilties woudl get her before the bullet.

Last month she has the 3.3cm-long bullet removed.

Ring Piece

Simon Hooper, wanted a ring for his girlfriend so he went to a jewellers and ate one. Hooper An X-ray image of the ring was produced – and Hooper told officers it was a piece of foil.

A few days in the cells, a high fibre diet, and the ring appeared.
Hooper got 12 weeks chocky. And some lucky girl got a sh**y ring…


Chen Liu, who was also known as Anthony, had 30 nails gunned into his head. His body was found in Sydney.

Mr Liu was bound with electrical wires and an extension cord and then rolled in a domestic rug with the ends neatly tucked in, which was then tied with three pieces of wire.

“In 36 years of investigation, I’ve never come across a murder of this nature using a nail gun. May I say it’s a particularly brutal and vicious murder and we are seeking information from the public so we can bring this inquiry to a conclusion,” the head of the homicide squad, Geoff Beresford, said.

Concrete In Anus

A 20-year-old man presented to the emergency room complaining of rectal pain. A well-nourished, well-developed man without signs of intoxication was admitted in no apparent distress. Digital examination of the rectum revealed a stony hard mass. Abdominal plain films showed a vertically oriented, low-lying radiopaque object in the rectum. A spherical radiolucency was noted in the upper pole of the mass. A blood alcohol level was negative. No other drug testing was performed.

Upon further questioning, the patient said that approximately 4 hrs earlier he and his boyfriend had been “fooling around.” After stirring a batch of concrete mix, the patient laid on his back with his feet against the wall at a 45-degree angle while his boyfriend poured the mixture through a funnel into his rectum. After the concrete mass hardened, it became so painful that he sought medical care.

Under general anesthesia, the anus was dilated and two Foley catheters were inserted alongside the rectal mass to relieve suction. A concrete case of the rectum was delivered without incident. The rectal mucosa was intact with a hyperemic and edematous appearance.

The patient was kept overnight and discharged uneventfully the following morning. The attending physician recommended a psychiatric consultation, but the patient declined.

Chair leg

HERE’S an image of Shafique el-Fahkri, taken at the Royal Melbourne Hospital where team of five surgeons are preparing to remove a met framed chair leg from his face.

Operation over and Mr Fahkri spends a month in hospital. He now has 95 per cent of his sight back.

Says he:

“I feel all right at the moment, actually, but I am too weak for work.”

In Melbourne Magistrates Court, 20-year-old Liam Peart, pleads guilty to a charge of “negligently causing serious injury”.

Says Fahki:

“I forgive him, totally,” Mr Fahkri said.

The incident:

Mr Fahkri was injured after a brawl erupted outside the Metro nightclub in Bourke Street at 2.45am. About 45 minutes later, with isolated assault incidents continuing, Peart picked up a metal-framed chair as he ran towards the nightclub.

Senior Constable Sheers said Peart raised the chair above his head and threw it at Mr Fahkri, who tried to protect himself by raising his hands.

The leg of the chair penetrated Mr Fahkri’s left eye socket, moved his eyeball to the side and continued into his neck.

Which can hurt…

Kidney Stone

SANDOR Sarkadi went to a hospital in Debrecen, Hungary.

A X-ray had shown iup alump in his body. The lump was a huge kidney stone.

It weighed over a kilo.

And at large:

Good morning, Baltimore

MIRELA Gradinaru, 37, arrived at the clinic in Arad, western Romania, with a can of hairspray stuffed up her rectum.

Mirandolina Prisca, a doctor at the clinic, tells us:

“We had X-rays done to localise the object and then we carried out the operation. The patient was fine after it. She was very embarrassed. She was clearly in a lot of pain, however it got there.”

Rumours are that she fell on it. This can happen. Remember this vicar? And how a fence can work its way up there?

As for the women, she is now fine, and the only legacy of her mishap is harmonious public hair that turns heads…

This is a Knife

Image: Police have released shocking X-ray images of a 16-year-old with a knife lodged in his head after a stabbing in London to serve as a warning about the dangers of the epidemic of knife crime that is sweeping Britain.

Benazir Bhutto

BENAZIR Bhutto is dead. Murdered. Killed by her car’s car roof. These pictures are of X-Rays that the Pakistan government has released. The powers that be says the gunshots missed Bhutto.

The teenager was one of the lucky ones — taken to hospital with the 12-centimetres blade still stuck just above his eye, he survived, but still requires regular hospital checks.

Full Body Search

‘HEY! Over here. Wanna look at pictures of naked men and women? Get yourself down to the US employment office and score a job as an airport security guard.

Experts are developing an ”electronic figleaf” to preserve a traveller’s modesty, but in the meantime you can ogle at many acres of quivering flesh.

As Susan Hallowell of the American Transportation Security Administration says: ”It does basically make you look fat and naked.”

The Pepsi Challenge

The man, who was 60 years old, reportedly required removal of the Pepsi bottle after armed thieves assaulted him with it before robbing him of his two buffalos.

A cell phone lodged in a Salvadoran prisoner’s lower intestine.

Snakes alive

Houdini, a 12-foot Burmese python in Ketchum, Idaho, has ingested an electric blanket with the electrical cord and control box

Ball bearings

WEN Hsueh says he was sitting drinking tea at the Longtang tea shoppe in south east China. A man tosses a bomb. It explodes underneath Hsueh sending tens of ball bearings shooting up his rectum.

The chair, also made in China, is once more harmed - Boy Killed By Anal Penetrating Chair.

Anorak recalls the case of the Mireal Gradinaru, who arrived at the clinic in Arad, western Romania, with a can of hairspray stuffed up her rectum.

Says Hsueh:

“I was drinking tea, and suddenly someone threw something into the room underneath my chair. Before I realised what was happening there was a massive explosion and I passed out.”

Says Dr Sying Wang at Wanning People’s Hospital:

“We removed nearly half a kilogram of steel balls from his bottom, but a second surgery is needed as there were too many inside to take out at once.”

Well, you get your kicks where you can. The other man remains at large…

Cat Scan

Tiger, a 3-month-old kitten, swallows a 3-inch antenna from a TV remote control.

Cutting-edge humour

Kong Lin, 27, of eastern China laughed so forcefully that he swallowed a 4-inch long pair of scissors he was using as a toothpick.

Spear of destiny

Emerson de Oliveira Abreu was fishing off the coat of Rio de Janerio when he fired a spear. The missile bounced off rocks and penetrated his head and brain. The six-inch blade was removed.

And survives…


Yi Zhao, 57, of Chongqing, central China, arrives at a hospital with 16 inches of pipe sticking out of his face.


Huang Yijun, 92, of Huangjiaotan, China, has a pain in her tummy. an X-ray and news that she has been carrying her unborn baby in her womb for the past 60 years.

Mirror, signal…

The face of 17-month-old Nicholas Holderman of Kentucky - and mum’s car keys. She made a full recovery.

Magic balls

Haley Lents, 8, of Indiana swallows 10 magnets and 20 steel balls from a Magnetix toy set - she says they looked like sweets. The magnets attract, tearing eight holes in her intestines.

Golf balls in a snake!

Homer Sap

POOR Dalmatian-collie crossbreed Dixie, from Aberdeen, who ate a Kinder Egg Surprise chocolate with a toy Homer Simpson contained within.

Here’s the X-ray of Homer in Dixi’s tum-tum.

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