NOSTRADAMUS predicted Japan earthquake tsunami explosion ?

Japan earthquake tsunami explosion NOSTRADAMUS:
Could it be that Nostradamus had predicted the tragedy occurred just in Japan?

This quatrain II, 91 cites: The rising sun you will see a great fire / noise and water turned to Kite / / Inside the circle you will hear screams and death / / With fire water starvation death await them.
The quatrain refers to explosions (nuclear?), and water to the kite facing the rising sun (the tsunami?). And following the death (radiation?).

So great an earthquake in the month of May,
Saturn, Capricorn, Jupiter, Mercury in Taurus,
Venus also, Cancer, Mars in Nonnay,
Then falls hailstones bigger than eggs.
C10. Q67
The Sun in the twentieth of Taurus, great earthquake,
Of the great theatre filled, to ruin,
The air, sky, and land dark and troubled,
Infidels calling upon God and Saints.
C9. Q83
Earthquake, volcano, landslide and flood activity will now greatly increase. So many visions I have seen of these occurrences in your future that I stopped recording them in my quatrains for avoidance of excluding other important prophecies. In the next 500 years, or your past 500 years, all these natural disasters have been steadily increasing and have already taken millions of lives. Earthquakes and volcanoes will now affect the stability of the whole world and threaten the viability of mankind. In your past 200 years there has been much increase and density of population which will further increase the loss of life. In their aftermath come famine, disease and economic hardship.

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