School meals from around the world





Korea: Tofu soup, a banana, some noodle stuff, broccoli?, kimchi, and rice.

Korea: Kimchi, rice, soup, some greens, and some white thingies.

Korea: Kimchi, a fish, some seaweed looking thing, and some colorful mystery items.

Japan: Rice, some dry seaweed(?), an orange wedge, some type of coleslaw(?), tofu soup and tea.

India: Rice, curry, and sauce.

USA: A healthy lunch. Chicken, beans, milk, salad, a roll and crackers.

France: French fries, a piece of baguette, mystery meat, cake, something resembling an omelet, and a cup of something to drink.

France: Scallops, an artichoke, grapefruit, cheesecake, baguette and fries.

USA: Tater tots, chicken nuggets, fruit, chocolate milk and ketchup.

China: A fish, something that looks like kimchi, rice, broccoli, cauliflower, and soup.

Japan: A roll (hot dog bun?), vegetable soup, orange wedge, something that looks like lasagna, milk, and some sort of vegetable salad.

USA: orange, milk, baguette, green beans and spaghetti.

USA: Broccoli, chocolate milk, chocolate cookie, marinara sauce, and what looks like pizza or cheese bread.

USA: Applesauce, chocolate milk, hash browns, and chicken nuggets.

USA: Taco salad, soda, mashed potatoes, and something that looks like it has either cheese or corn in it.

USA: A partly eaten BBQ sandwich, potato chips, baked beans, and peach cobbler. Mmmm.

Japan: rolls, a slice of pineapple, soup, milk, and some noodle stuff.

Korea: Rice, milk, kimchi, meat looking substance, noodle things, tofu soup.

Japan: Sardines, milk, rice, orange slice, and what looks like something totally foreign to me, in a bowl.

USA: an organic lunch of chicken(?), vegetables, mashed potatoes, organic milk, and a pear. A little bland as far as my taste.

USA: A roll, some salad with ranch dressing, chocolate milk, mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets and ketchup.

USA: peas, mashed potatoes, some sort of cake with sprinkles, a biscuit and what I believe is a beef pot pie.

USA: a roll, mashed potatoes, Salisbury steak, some sort of desert, and something resembling a pile of sauteed onions.

USA: Milk, fries in the shape of smiley faces, soup, crackers, ketchup and chicken nuggets.

USA: Chocolate milk, baked beans, fruit, ketchup, french fries, a corn dog and coleslaw.

USA: A soft pretzel and mustard, chocolate milk, fruit cocktail, corn and lasagna or possibly pizza.

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