See Inside a Shark's Mouth!

Great White Shark
A shark can have hundreds of teeth in its mouth and, conveniently, can replace them if they fall out or become damaged.

Many Sharp Rows
Throughout its life, a shark's old teeth are shed continually, and new ones are rotated into place on a conveyer belt-like structure. A shark's teeth are not attached to the jaw, but embedded in the flesh.

A Whale Shark: The Biggest Mouth
The whale shark can grow to 40 feet long but, thankfully, mostly eats plankton.

Attacking The Cage

Razor Sharp
The teeth of a Great White.

A Great White Emerges From The Deep

Feeding Time
A whale shark at an aquarium in Osaka, Japan, gets a treat.

A Great White Toys With a Safety Cage

Reef Shark

Rows of Teeth

The Great White Way
A Great White shark near Cape Town in South Africa, 1997.

A Tiger Shark. . . And Grappling Hooks

A Basking Shark Opens Wide in 1937

Skimming The Surface

Dead on an Irish Dock

It Doesn't Look So Real Any More
Actors Richard Dreyfuss (L) and Robert Shaw stare a mechanical Great White in 1975's 'Jaws.'

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