Postcard delivered after 94 years

A First World War postcard has finally been delivered - a staggering 94 years after it was sent.
Soldier Alfred Arthur, 19, sent the card to his sister Ellen, known as Nell, in January 1916 at the height of the Great War.
Tragically the hero was killed in the brutal fighting which killed millions from all sides in the blood-soaked trenches on the Western Front in France.
Alfred's card poignantly ended up with Lauren Bleach, 61, and her partner Jill Liversidge more than nine decades on.
They decided to find out where it had come from after it arrived at their home in Lakenham, Norwich.
Mrs Bleach said: 'When we read it we were so emotionally taken because it's from a soldier who was obviously at a training camp waiting to go away to his sister.
'He lived in this street presumably all that time ago and it's only just arrived.
'The postcard is dated 1916 and bears a cartoon picture of a newly-recruited soldier on the front.
Thoughtful Alfred has written to his beloved sister: 'Dear Nell, Just a postcard to let you know I have not forgotten you.
'On the other side you will see our orders for next week. I will need your pity.Drop me a line, your brother Alfred.'
The front of the card, referred to in Alfred's note, displays a poster which says 'Orders of the day: Eight hours drill, eight hours route march, eight hours trenching' and the recruit saying 'And then we have the rest of the day to ourselves!'
Alfred was born in Lakenham and went to school nearby a century ago.One of his descendants is his great-nephew Brian Buxton, 68, of Salhouse, Norfolk.


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