Amazing Waterfalls of the World

There are some amazing waterfall around the world that'll take your breathe away.

In the picture above you can see the power of water at work. Mother Nature is a force to always be respected. She can carve out mountains creating rivers and streams.

Wow! What an awesome shot of a rainbow over the Niagara Falls. If you look past the rainbow you can see the whitecaps on the water as it picks up speed just before it crashes over the brink of this truly amazing waterfall.

This is truly an amazing picture of the Krimmler Falls; it's considered to be the tallest waterfall in Europe standing 1248 feet high. It can be found in Austria's Hone Tavern National Park. This awesome Creation of Mother Nature is a must see!

This is yet another truly beautiful water fall that can be found in Austria; it speaks directly to ones heart and inspires peace and tranquility.

The Baron waterfall is yet another amazing site and if you look really closely you can see Mother Nature at work here also and you might find the study of erosion very interesting here. By studying the many layers of rock we can learn some very interest facts and history concerning the earth.

This waterfall below just wants to make me drop everything I'm doing and go swimming. Hey it's 112 here in the desert today and the water is very inviting.

I could spend a few weeks here and the world around me would fade into the shadows of the past.

Canada has some really awesome waterfalls as well

This is a great picture of Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.

This beauty can be found in Brazil and it's really an amazing site. You can see the forces of Mother Nature at work in this picture.

The picture above is of the Apucaraninha water fall in Brazil. It's a truly amazing site to see and if anyone ever doubted the master painter and power of Creator, look again. It's a truly astounding piece of Creation.

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