World’s Most Unique Bus Stops

Ventura, California - Creation of Dennis Oppenheim

Unknown - Do a stunt or 2 while waiting for the bus?

London - Created by Bruno Taylor

Dubai - You cannot expect millionaires to wait with the bus without some air-conditioning do you?

Germany - Now you finally get a chance to experience what Homer Simpson feels like vegetating on his couch every episode.

Unknown - Handy light sabers for you if you ever need to fight off another person trying to take your spot on the bus.

Soviet Union - Don’t think that is gonna fit into the bus.

Unknown - Nothing like some Ikea to make a bus-stop more comfortable.

Australia - Getting your face on a stamp, priceless.

Unknown - Take 1 bundle of free cash everytime the bus is 5 minutes late.. that is if you can break the glass.

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