Beautiful Distortion

Planet Panoramas is all about artistic distortion using a sphere. This artwork utilizes a method called Stereographic Projection to map beautiful panoramas on a sphere. What happens is quite intriguing. The area close to the point opposite to the center of projection becomes significantly enlarged and proportionally distorted, resulting in an effect known as little planet. If you don’t understand, don’t worry about it, look at these pictures of famous landmarks around the world and you should get the idea. Very cool and beautiful!

Paris - Eiffel

Piazzeta San Marco, Venice

Deauville, Normandy, France
Planet Chicago

Planet Lincoln

Montmartre Seveille

Notre-Dame, Paris

HOESCH Phoenix, Dortmund

Planet Hawthorn

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

Planet New York

Planet Jerusalem - Western Wall

Planet Jerusalem - Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount

Taj Mahal


Naghsh-e-jahan: Isfahan, Iran historical square

Saint Germain en Laye Church, France

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