The World's Weirdest Weather

Shelf Cloud

Approaching thunderstorm with lead gust front. Rain-cooled air from the storm moves out ahead of the storm. It ploughs under the warm moist air forming a flat "shelf cloud." 

Globular Mammatus

Globular mammatus clouds with radar in foreground. Often associated with thunderstorms and severe weather

More mammatus

Globular mammatus clouds. These clouds are often associated with thunderstorms and severe weather

The Anvil

Towering cumulus. Mammatus clouds visible under the "anvil".

Thunderstorms Form

Cumulonimbus (Thunderstorm) is shown forming in the background. Smaller low level "scud" appearing in foreground.

Tornado Next?

Lowering wall cloud under main thunderstorm updraft. Tornadoes will generally form in and ground the wall cloud.

The Wall

Shown in the photograph is a wall cloud with tail cloud.


Supercell - often associated with violent weather.

Blazing Sunset

Captured in this photo is a blazing sunset seen near Throckmorton, Texas.

Thickness in the Air

Thick wave clouds are captured over Mt. Pisgah.

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Stunning photo of a rainbow with a reflection over an Oklahoma Wheatfield.

Thunderstorm Anvil

A thunderstorm anvil at sunset.

Turbulent Clouds

Turbulent gust front clouds

Altocumulus Clouds

Altocumulus clouds in the sky.

Wispy Cirrus Clouds

Cirrus clouds move across the sky

Clouds from Above

Towering cumulus clouds as seen from above.

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