Airplane Oops! Situations

Better on the ground than in the air

Short of the actual crash, most of the accidents depicted here occurred without loss of human life, and thus can be described as "Oops".

The tires... are gone

There is a fascinating story behind this (technically impossible) landing. Israel pilot Zivi Nedivi had a collision with another plane, but could not see that his wing was missing (because of trailing fuel vapors), otherwise he would've immediately bailed out. As it was, he proceeded to land, and had a greatest surprise when he saw in what condition F-15 brought him to safety...

Famous occasion of the cargo doors opening in the middle of a flight:

The story on this rampage is playing out to the tune of a quarter of a million dollars - these are the damages for 4 destroyed planes. The poor guy who's responsible for this started the engine of his private Piper Saratoga plane - and then lost control, slicing through four other planes and crashing into the fifth...

Containers are not a good thing to digest:

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