Amazing Staircases I

Long Spiral Staircase in Australia
Amazing spiral staircase at Garvan Institute in Sydney.It has 6.5 turns and covers five stories from top to bottom.
Designer Stairs at the Vatican Museum 
One of the most beautiful staircases in the world.It was designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932. The stairs consist of two separate helices, one leading up and the other leading down, that twist together in a double helix formation. Little did the Vatican Museum know in 1932 that this formation would come to represent life itself, with the discovery of the double helical DNA strand.
Loretto Chapel Staircase in USA
The Loretto Chapel is a chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, known for its unusual spiral staircase that is an exceptional work of carpentry. 
Tulip Staircase at the Queen's House in England
The elegant Tulip Stairs in the Queen's House are the first geometric self-supporting spiral stairs in Britain. Although called the 'Tulip Stairs,' it is thought that the stylized flowers in the wrought-iron balustrade are actually fleurs-de-lis, as this was the emblem of the Bourbon family of which Queen Henrietta Maria (wife of Charles I) was a member.
Staircase at Lello Bookshop in Portugal
The steps are like two channels pouring and swirling to a single point. The side view gives you a closer idea of the immense curves and giddy sinking feeling to each step.

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