Largest Silver Clock-Sukra Jevellery sets world record

  CHENNAI, India -- A team of silversmiths from Sukra Jevellery created a 7.33 feet (88 inches) high silver clock which weights 50.163 kilograms-setting the world record for the Largest Silver Clock.

   Photo: The Largest Silver Clock is made of sterling silver (silver with purity of 92.5%) but for the clock part (the motor and mechanism inside the clock) and glass.    (enlarge photo)    

   Total height of the Largest Silver Clock is 88 inches (7.33 feet), the width at the maximum point is 21.5 inches (1.79 feet), side wall thickness is 16 inches (1.33 feet) and weighs 50.163 kilograms (110.5 Lb) of SILVER.

   The purity of silver is hallmarked by a hallmarking center authorized by Bureau of Indian Standards.

  The sculpture was majority handmade and was manufactured using traditional tools and techniques in order to obtain better result.

     Mr. Nithin Kalkiraju from "Sukra Jevellery" says: "On 2nd December 2008, I visualized making the largest sterling silver clock, discussions pertaining to design, materials required, silver weight took place for few days.      
     On 10th December 2008 the team of silversmiths, who will be involved in making the Largest Silver Clock was selected and on 12th December 2008 the work started."

    "It was a team of six skilled silversmiths and one project manager who was directly involved in manufacturing under my guidance and supervision.
     From 12th December 2008 onwards, the team of six started to work on the sculpture for six hours a day for 149 days till 16th JUNE 2009. All our silversmiths were trained by us and every safety measures were ensured in order to preserve their health. "

    Mr. Nithin Kalkiraju: "Total man-hours were 5360 hours only for crafting. On 16th June, the Largest Silver Clock was transported to Delhi (approximately 1800 kilometers from Chennai) for hallmarking and it got hallmarked on 20th June 2009.
   After the final polish, the Largest Silver Clock got transported back to Chennai on 23rd June 2009." 

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