10 Best Ways To Become Rich


1. Rich Parents Rich Children:

This way totally depends on your luck. If you’re born in a wealthy family or your parents are well-to-do, this augment the chances of you being rich too.

2. Win the Lottery:

This also is based of how lucky you are. It can’t assure permanency of your richness but during the time being you’ll get back all those people with whom you weren’t in contact since you were married.

3. Let people call you a Doctor:

Doctors have their own specialties with which they make money in millions but not in many millions. They’re not as rich as Bill Gates or Mukesh Ambani but can be called someone rich. That’s about it.

4. Get married to someone called Money – 

Such things like getting married to a Rich man or woman never turns out well. The chances are like 5% or less. It creates many other complications, so this way is dicey.

5. Audition for ‘So You Think You Can Dance?

If you think you can dance then this way can fill the bill. Once you audition and you make the judges go ‘WHOA’, you’ll be sent to Hollywood. The start of your Stardom. And if you don’t even win, you’ll probably be famous and Famous means Rich.

6. Write a Book, be the next Best-Selling Novelist:

Many Americans think that they have a book in them, about 85% in percentage. On an estimate of 100 or 150 writers in US are at present wealthy, barely because of their books, that makes your odds of becoming one of those filthy rich novelists about 2,500,000 to one.

7. Invest in Real Estate:

This investment is choicest. It’s dependable. Some times the market transiently goes down but you can fix the problem by giving taxes from the money you have.

8. Sign on with a Multi-Level Marketing Company:

This is a known way to be rich. The thing is that you just have to sign as much people as you can get for the company’s marketing so that they can sell more products for the company. Tell your friend to forget about his girlfriend, he can get many girls if he has a job. Or your uncle to stop reading those newspapers all day long and do some work. You’ll surely score.

9. Gamble:

Start low, get high. Gambling is purely luck. If you think you’re lucky enough to double or triple your money, so gambling is the right thing for you. But again its risky. If you lose then say hello to trouble.

10. Be Boring:

Get a regular job, a regular pay and be a regular man. Spend less, save more. You’ll be a rich grandpa because it’ll take 30 years at least to be Filthy rich. The old fashioned ways, trust me Old ain’t gold.

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