Amazing Looking Through a Microscope

Amazing photographs taken through a very powerful microscope.
Claw tip of Beetle
Brain cells of a lab rat
Exoskeletal surface of a louse
An ant
Barack Obama made with 150 million carbon nanotubes

Eye of a Moth
Melanoma Cell
Lower surface of a Arabidopsis thaliana leaf
Pyralidae Moth

Surface of a Crimson Clover
Anterior spiracles of a fruit fly larvae
Insect eye
Hornet leg
Beetle maxillary galea
Heliotropium lower leaf surface
Squid suckers
Mosquito antennae
Brain cells of a lab rat
Head of a Beetle
Mosquito antennae

Pollen grain of a flower

Stigma of a flower
Schisotosome parasite
Breast cancer cell

Black walnut tree lower leaf surface

Leaf of Black Walnut tree
Microelectromechancial system gear train using silicon
Rime on a snow crystal

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