Architectural Light Sculptures

Innovations in lighting design are often gimmicky or merely a case of LED everywhere. This list illustrates where lighting is sculptural and integral to architecture, from a night club made of glowing bricks, Daniel Libeskinds wireframe architectural chandelier, the amazing Lighthive exhibition at the Architectural Association and futuristic light sculptures by Kalle. Our LED example creates a grid of LED points that appear to float in mid air.

Erwin Redl Lighting Projects
The Anemix
Vortex Light Sculpture by Zaha Hadid
Spirit House Chandelier by Libeskind
kubik modular light brick nightclub
Reception light sculpture, for glass manufacturer Leonardo
Pixel Cloud LED arrays
Antony Gormley, Blind Light
16n Light Sculpture


PET lights, recyling plastic bottles
Oblivion Light Sculpture

Atom by Robert Henke & Christopher Bauder

Football light sculpture by Kalle

OrchadiaOrchadia robotically animated light sculpture

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