Great Climbing Walls

Climbing walls are both functionally and aesthetically fascinating. They often have beautiful abstract shapes reminiscent of Kurt Schwitters’ Merzbau or are just plain intricate and impressive.

Included in our collection here are interactive musical climbing walls, enormous artificial ice towers, surreal climbing forms and a huge climbing wall inside a disused Texan grain silo

New Zealand
Extreme Edge Climbing Wall
This climbing center in Auckland is the largest on the continent. A central, Stone Henge boulder is surrounded by acres of climbing fun.

 Incredible Artificial Ice Climbing Walls

A roundup of various magnificent artificial ice climbing walls around the world.

Picture Frame Climbing Wall
This highly original and fun wall consisting of climbable empty picture frames. It was designed for the Tokyo fitness club, Illoiha.

Calshot Climbing Wall
The Calshot climbing wall in Dorset, England, may not be one of the worlds most impressive climbing walls, technically, but it illustrates perfectly what a stunning architectural form climbing walls can be. It looks like a psychedelic Dazzle Ship and is a match for anything by Daniel Libeskind.

Utah 12 storey sheer climbing wall
“Snowbird is home to one of the largest outdoor climbing walls in the world. Located on the western end of the Cliff Lodge, the climbing wall has been the site of numerous world class climbing competitions and extends from ground level to the roof of the Cliff Lodge, 12 floors up. ”

Bouldering Cave in AntarcticaMany of the scientists who are stationed at the famous McMurdo ice station in Antarctica are into climbing, such that this rather claustrophobic looking bouldering room is one of the popular hangouts.

REI Seattle Climbing Wall

The 65 foot high beautifully sculptured climbing wall at awesome outdoor sports store REI in Seattle

Prague outdoor climbing wall

This massive outdoor climbing wall is in the Czech capital, Prague, and has a very unusual form that looks like an alien ruin.

Ivy Climbing Wall

Part of the Lekker Decadent exhibition in the Netherlands, this is a climbable art piece.

Stoneworks Largest Indoor Climbing Wall in US

Stoneworkds may actually still be the worlds largest indoor climbing wall. Reputedly the basement was excavated by 6 feet to preserve the title from a Japanese gym. Whatever the answer, Stoneworks is a triumph of spirit and imagination, a perfect way way to re-use and preserve one of Americas great landmark building types.

 Gothic Tower Articifical Ice Wall

It appears that this Gothic tower was deliberately cascaded with water to provide a scaffold for a competition ice climb.

 Building Facade Climbing Wall

Another fun wall for kids, where they get to climb up a replica building facade. Unfortunately, because it has to be easy, the facade itself does not provide all the holds.

Cruise Ship Climbing Wall

A climbing wall is not a unique feature on cruise ships, these days. This one is on board the 3000+ passenger Explorer of the Seas owned by the same company that operate the worlds largest cruise ship.

 Kathmandu Climbing Wall

The idea of an indoor climbing gym in the Himalayas may seem like sacrilege, however there are certainly lots of climbers in Kathmandu. I love this type of abstract tile used here.

Digiwall - Interactive musical climbing wall

Less technical climbing walls are great items for kids, and this Swedish interactive wall is the best we found. It emits different tones for different hand holds, becoming a giant musical instrument to explore.

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