Mind the crevasse: The amazing 3D pavement art that has pedestrians on edge

Giant ice-age crevasses are few and far between - especially in Ireland.

Don't worry, it is the latest creation of 3-D street artist Edgar Mueller.

The crack, appearing to show a fault in the earth's crust, was created for the town's 'Festival of World Culture' last year in the town of Dun Laoghaire.

The Crevasse: The giant fissure, in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland, spans over 250 square metres and appears to show a fault in the earth's crust

And locals wasted no time having fun with the work by pretending to teeter precariously on the edge of the deep hole.

Mueller said: '3D street painting itself is a very new artform which only a handful of people do worldwide. Its nature is to trick people's eyes and show them a new "reality".

'The technique itself is called anamorphism and has been known since the Middle Ages. It was used by famous painters like Michelangelo, da Vinci and others in their murals.'

Hard work: Together with up to five assistant, Mueller painted all day long from sunrise to sunset

Residents of a German town were horrified when they emerged from their homes to find a lava pool running through the middle of the road.

Scroll down to watch a video of the making of the The Crevasse...

Spanning over 8 x 50 metres, 'Use your eyes' is one of the biggest three-dimensional street paintings ever made.

Use your eyes: The apocalyptic street art by German artist Edgar Mueller

With the help of locals, the German artist's jaw-dropping art involved clever planning so that when the picture is viewed from a certain angle it looks totally three-dimensional.
Mueller plays with big areas and elemental forces - and also asks that his audience enter the scenery and interact with the picture.

He said: 'it gets thrilling when the observer runs in the picture.'

His other works include a 250 square metre giant fissure in Ireland, that took five days to paint.

Watch the video here

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