Paris Then and Now

In 1900, William Henry Goodyear (Brooklyn Museum's first curator) traveled to the Paris for the World Exposition of that year, with photographer Joseph Hawkes. They brought back numerous images from the exposition including street life, vistas, pavilions, statues, and other structures and decorative details. We took some of those pictures and compared them with today's Paris. Enjoy!

Eiffel Tower, from the Pont d'Iena

Esplanade des Invalides, from the Pont Alexandre III

Trocadero and Pont d'Iena, from the Eiffel Tower

Seine River, from the Pont Alexandre III

Champ de Mars, from the Eiffel Tower

Base of the Eiffel Tower, looking through to the Trocadero

Pont Alexandre III

View of Paris and the Seine River, from the Eiffel Tower

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