Phenomenal Works of Fire Art and Design

In ancient and modern cosmologies alike, fire is often regarded as both a creative and destructive force. Aside of the aesthetics of fire art there is something compelling about taming this primal, chaotic and unpredictable force of nature. Some fire artists work through amazing fire-breathing metal sculptures, others twist and twirl fire around their very bodies.

Once a relatively obscure native art or circus act, fire dancing has become a form of artistic expression taken to new aesthetic heights in recent decades by professionals around the world. From theatrical to erotic, ritual to comedic, fire dancers now span the spectrum and perform in all kinds of contexts.

 Incredible Poi and Fire Spinning Artists

Playpoi is at the heart of a growing artistic movement around the art of fire poi. Spinning impressive patterns and spectacular, he and his comrades-in-fire have performed their art around the world. He and his crew are “looking always for ways to make poi more profound, expansive, dynamic, artistic, integral, and fun” through “instructional media, workshops” and more.

Playpoi Exotic Fire Dancing Show

The above Playpoi images were shot on location in Bali. Using the dark of night and the reflectivity of a low-lying pool they managed to create amazingly artful effects and evoke emotional responses both peaceful and active through their art. They have also performed in exotic locations from Costa Rica to Thailand.

Flaming Lotus Girls Serpent Mother

“The Flaming Lotus Girls (FLG) are a female-driven group of artists formed in 2000 to create our first sculpture, the Flaming Lotus. Our sculptures are composed of steel , stainless steel, copper, glass, wood, light, and fire. Our flames blaze in sizes ranging from 2 inches to 150+ feet.” The above Serpent Mother sculpture shown above is over 150 feet long. Each of her 40 spinal fire spouts can shoot 20 feet of flame. The fire eruptions and head movements correspond to ribs touched and pushed by participants.

Flaming Lotus Angel of the Apocolypse

As with other sculptures by the Flaming Lotus Girls, this giant bird encircles its participants rather than standing apart as a spectacle to be viewed from the outside. It is interactive and generative, responsive and dynamic. “The Angel of the Apocalypse is an elegant sculptural environment that rises from the ground in the form of an abstracted bird. The Angel is made from shaped and welded stainless and mild steel, driftwood and fuel.The Angel’s head and wings are alive with fire, whose dynamic effects are controlled by the people inside the body space of the installation. The warm, bright enclosure is an environment inviting celebration of life and community.”

Burning Man Figure and Temple Buildings

At the heart of the Burning Man festival - which involves everything from fire-shooting art cars to flame-throwing performers - are two events: the burning of a giant man figure toward the end of the week and of a temple on the final night. These burns draw in crowds from across the open desert and are visible for miles around from its flat cracked earth floor.

Flame-Throwing Burning Man Art Cars

Another core feature of the Burning Man festival is the art car phenomena. Participants modify vehicles in all kinds of artistic and unusual ways to bring to the event - and drive their mobile sculptures around as a kind of impromptu public transit system. Many of these art cars also spew fire and announce their presence in the night

Flaming Biker at the Burning Man Festival

One of the staple performers one can regularly find at the burning man festival is the incredible burning bicyclist. His full effect is hard to experience through a series of static images, but imagine seeing someone riding their bike around at a leisurely pace while, well, apparently on fire. From a distance that is exactly how it looks as the actual biker (who sits in front on the two-seat bicycle) is not visible like his burning buddy.

Backyard Sparkler and Lighter Art

While the method might seem mundane compared to much of what you have seen here these relatively artistic and complex-looking shapes and patterns were formed in a way that anyone could emulate: simply a combination of sparklers, lighters and time-lapse photography. Be careful if you try this at home.

World Record Fire Breathing Artists

The Burning Breathers group recently shot and achieved the world record for fire-breathing. Just imagine how hot it is to stand even remotely close to a fire - then multiply that feeling by 50+ people.

Carabosse: Amazing French Fire Artists

Taking fire art in new directions and to new levels, the French fire artist group Carabosse creates large-scale sculptural installations in which fire is the focus, or at least the catalyst, of the aesthetic experience. Some of their works are chaotic, dynamic and engaging while others are calm, simple and reflective.

The Elegant Fire Art of Mike Icon

Mike Icon is a performer, a teacher and at heart an enthusiast when it comes to creating amazing fire art. At times he wows audiences with impressively daring stunt-like fire spinning while at others he creates and frames elegant patterns specifically for the camera to focus on

Temple of Poi Fire Art Dancers

Fire dancing and spinning are not just limited to tricks and twists, however, but have been expanded to become the heart of complex performances that are dynamic, extensive and ultimately theatrical. The Temple of Poi performers are one such group - and more than just performing for personal enjoyment they also teach courses for others and perform for hire.

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