Strangest Internet Cafes From Around the World

Ah, Internet Cafes … it used to be just a place where you can browse the Internet and grab a cup of coffee, but competition being what it is, some Internet cafes are offering something a little more than a cup of joe:

… Hungry? How about some taco?

In Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

No? How about some Rice and Pea?

In West Yorkshire and Leeds, UK.
… Or better yet, donuts!

In Palo Alto, California.

… For those who are pressed for time: browse the Internet and do laundry at the same time!

In the Philippines.

See many more weird Internet cafes from around the world:

… Or do your banking at the same place at the ING Direct Internet cafe:

In Philadelphia.

… Stressed? Get a massage, read some manga, and enjoy a boba drink with your Internet!

In Costa Mesa, California.

… If you need some laugh, here’s the LOL! Internet Cafe:

In Limerick, Ireland.

… Or if something stronger is needed than coffee, try this Internet cafe and Cocktail Bar:

In Morecambe, Lancashire, UK
Whatever you do, just don’t let these two find each other … the Internet will annihilate itself in a big flash of energy (or maybe not):

In Germany
In case you want to jack into the Matrix, the TRUE Internet cafe in Thailand got the set-up (brainwashing extra, okay?):

In Thailand
For those on the run, here’s the Internet Bus:

In Franz Josef township, New Zealand 
For those who gotta run, here’s Fast Pee Internet:

In Washington D.C. 
Internet? We have no stinkin’ Internet. Enternet? now that we have!

In Zanzibar
How about some famous names from the Net? Here’s Google’s Internet cafe, just in case that search engine thingy isn’t working out …

It’s Skynet!

In Kyrgyzstan.
If you ever wondered where the Internet lived, here it is:
Whatever you do, just don’t look at porn!

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