You Can’t See Me!

In the world where every animal has to fend for themselves, camouflages is one of the God-given means that some creatures use to avoid being the dinner of their predators or to make dinner. Here are some great examples of how effective they are at the art of disguise.

Green Frog in Duckweed
Rock Ptarmigan chick in Norway
Crab Spider on Geranium flower

Pale-throated three toe Sloth on a tree

Merlet Scorpionfish off Lifou Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia
 Mimic Octopus in Maldives

Harlequin Crab in Indonesia

Pacific Spotted Scorpion Fish in Malpelo, Pacific Ocean
Grizzly Bear in winter
Young Crocodile in sand
Malaysian Orchid Mantis on a Flower
Locust on Blade of Grass
Grey Cicada on Pine Bark

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