47 Unique Coke Containers

In the old days, there was no such thing as plastic & aluminum bottles. Since the creation of sodas like Pepsi and Coca-cola, companies have experimented with different types of packaging. Here’s some of the most interesting coke packaging that we found.
An Original Coke Bottle

Christmas Coke Bottles

Coca-Cola Light Design For Fashion Campaign

Kiss Coke

Tetra-Pak Coke

Brass Coke

Happy Birthday Coke

Coca-Cola Nando’s Winning Design

M5 (Majestic 5) Coke

Cool Coke

Nathalie Rykiel Coke

Manolo Blahnick’s limited edition 2009
Coca-Cola Light Bottle

Designer Coke

Russian Mini Coke

Limited edition Summer 2009 beach coke cans

Coca-Cola 2000 Cutie Cans Set Design

McDonald’s Coke

Disney Coke

Star Wars Coke

Coca-Cola 2006 Side of Life Design

Coca-Cola 2007 World of Warcraft Design

Coca-Cola 2008 Retro Design

Coca-Cola 2009 Happiness Factory Design

James Bond Coke

Virgin Mary Coke

Olypmics Coke

Ugly Betty Coke

Vintage Coke Cans

Collectible Coke Bottles

Limited Edition Summer 09 Coke

Soccer Coke

100th Anniversary Coke

1906 Vintage Diamond Label Coca Cola Bottle

1899 – Hutchinson style Coke

Chinese Coke

‘B’ Movie Poster Glass Coke Coca-Cola Bottle

Aluminum Coke Bottles

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