9 Of The Most Repulsive Buildings On Earth

The humans that designed the following monsters should be commended. I say that because it really can’t be easy making a building so disgusting and I actually think it takes more brainpower to make something this hideous than it does to come up with a stunner. So for effort i’d give them all a 10. Artistic merit?

So well done chaps. Really well done.

In No Particular Order…

Torre Velasca, Milan, Italy

Architects - Belgiojoso, Peressutti And Rogers

An absolute eyesore, this hulk of a building can be found in the centre of milan, just opposite milan cathedral.
look at it. It has no grace. It’s colour (i think it’s officially called ‘muddy puddle brown’) is depressing and the top-heavy shape confusing. The struts half way up make it look like some kind of insect and if fangs suddenly appeared one morning i wouldn’t be shocked.

Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan

Architects - C. Y. Lee & Partners
The tallest building in the world also happens to be one of the ugliest. First of all, it looks cheap. The staggered effect makes it look like a massive child has just plonked each of the sections on one by one in a matter of minutes. Secondly, it’s wearing a belt that in turn makes the building look like an enormous, armless, useless, kilt-wearing robot.

 Hotel Piccadilly, Manchester, United Kingdom

Architects - Covell, Matthews & Partners

I come face-to-face with this despicable, shitty building on a daily basis and i’m still shocked by its hideousness each time.

I used to think that a good scrub to the exterior with some soap might give it some hope. I quickly realised that this would be the worst possible course of action due to the fact that a clean and shiny hotel piccadilly may stand out more, thus catching more pedestrians’ eyes, in turn causing more offence.

Russian Embassy Building,Havana, Cuba

Architects - Unknown

What the hell is this meant to look like?

I can’t even begin to fathom the thought process behind this design. Remember, this was created by (hopefully) people with qualifications. The thin tower at the top looks pathetic, as if it got lost on its way to a castle - it’s proper home. The locals call it ‘the vodka bottle’.

The Whole Thing just looks like a building where punishments are handed out, the most severe at the top.

 Hotel Sofitel, Tokyo, Japanarchitects - Kikutake Architects
Horrific.If you asked a child to draw a white christmas tree using a bbc micro computer they’d possibly come up with something similar to this. It stands out like a sore thumb and looks like some kind of high-rise detention centre and how is it a good idea to have practically no windows on one side of a massive building? I hope to god sofitel don’t print photos of this monstrosity in their brochures.

Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang, North Korea

Architects - Baikdoosan Architects

This disgraceful creation has stood unfinished since 1992, the year construction stopped, and the crane still stands at the top. Unbelievably it wasn’t based on a young child’s space rocket sketch.
The fact that it is incomplete still doesn’t save it as i can’t see what further developments would make this even slightly attractive.

Tuk Chang, Bangkok, Thailand

Architects - Arun Chaiseri Group

‘Tuk Chang’ translates as ‘elephant building’. However, instead of a tusk it seems they decided to give it a beak. Either way, objects resembling animals should not exceed a certain size.
of course, none of this matters in the grand scheme of things. The main thing to remember is that the building is a man-made stain on our planet. The fact that the elephant is thailand’s national symbol makes no difference, I just know that i’d be thoroughly ashamed to live anywhere near it, let alone be responsible for its design.

Westin Hotel, New York, United States

Architects - Arquitectonica

This building makes me angry.Ok, so it’s situated in times square and if it had to be built then that’s probably the only home for it, but leave the gaudiness to the neon signs and electronic billboards. For $300 million i’d expect a building that turned heads for a positive reason. The shapes, angles, colour scheme… all badly designed. awful.

Green Citadel, Madgeburg, Germany

Architect - Friedensreich Hundertwasser 

Absolutely Disgusting.If i saw this at disney world i’d let it go. I’d be slightly repelled but yeah, I wouldn’t feel wronged. To see it in a town centre and learn that it’s an accommodation block really really concerns me. Witnessing crap like this truly makes me want to start a petition to enforce some kind of public jury system to greenlight proposed constructions because the current system is obviously not working.

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