Seasonal Delights:Top 10 Spring Destinations for 2009

Nature is at its blooming best and you find the most romantic, soothing and stunning settings as shades change and bright colors start to appear. It’s spring. Fresh green grass carpets, lovely flowers and buzzing life make sure that there is no better time to take a vacation, but traveling in spring is also about staying dry and keeping away from the wet spots. Let’s get started on the dreamy-eye journeys across the planet’s very best …

Paris— The city of love

April and May are the most wonderful months to tour Paris, our first and arguably most-loved spot on spring sojourn. A cool and magical trip through the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, Cemetiere du Pere-Lachaise and the Louvre is only the beginning of the many, Paris has to offer. Fashion capital of the world and host to the French Open tennis tourney and Paris marathon, there is plenty to do in the city of lights.


When it’s spring in the Northern hemisphere, then it’s fall in Australia, and there is plenty to do when you head south there. And as you read this, the 2009 National Trust Heritage Festival is on— a celebration of Australia’s natural and cultural heritage. Then there is the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House to enjoy, and if you have more time the the beaches will offer you more than you would bargain for.

Cape Town

Once again in the Southern hemisphere, Cape Town has a bundle of varied delights to offer no matter which time of the year you head there. With the Table Mountain, its national park, Shark Bay, the meeting of Pacific and Atlantic oceans, the great wineries, sumptuous food and shopping malls to spend your money, the largest city of South Africa will keep you on your toes and thoroughly entertained.


This is one spot on your spring journey, that epitomizes one of the popular symbol of spring time— tulips. Dressed in its finest best in April and May with millions of graceful flowers blooming, Amsterdam welcomes you with a lovely warm atmosphere, thousands of bridges and canals to take a stroll and amazing architecture, Amsterdam will put up its charms to make sure you come back.


If you go for shopping and a green environment in the heart of a well-connected and sophisticated South East Asian city, by all means your spring vacation should not miss Singapore. With plenty of ultra-modern fun activities on offer, close proximity to nature and even a dazzling Spring Festival sponsored in a huge way by the nation’s tourism board, you will always feel welcome here. The warmth of the people, the fun rides in the theme parks and odd trek into wilderness should make for a perfect holiday.


There is almost an unanimous agreement that this sandy paradise in Mexico is one of the hottest spring destinations in the world, if not the hottest! Beaches, bikinis, skirts, girls, parties, nightclubs, cruises and more hot girls… this is a heaven for those single gangs. Known for its sun-filled shoreline, high fashion consciousness and always on lifestyle, Acapulco is an irresistible stop.


Tokyo would probably rank a lot higher on this list if it were not for the city’s scorching heat at times. Despite the hot outdoors, Tokyo is still a wonderful spring spot with a variety of Asian delights on offer— lots of electronic gadgets, busy streets, ancient history and modern parks. If you wish to experience the ancient orient in spring time, then Tokyo is the city that meets your needs perfectly.


Crystal waters, magnificent beaches, hilltop bastions, colossal temples, limestone cliffs and the Mediterranean climate that will put you at ease, Malta is an amazing destination for the true traveling enthusiasts. And with the best time to visit the small island, between April and June, Malta should definitely be on your list if you’re planning to leave this month.

Daytona Beach

So who loves to go to Florida and Daytona Beach during the spring break? Well, almost everyone. Considered a top destination in spring time not just in the US, but all around the globe, Daytona Beach is all about life in the fast lane. With beach parties, dancing, music, spas, luxury cruises, sexy sirens and fast cars, there’s a spring flavor attached that you shouldn’t miss.

Negril, Jamaica

Talking about spring break and missing the Caribbean? A large beach resort town, Negril is Jamaica’s hottest spring spot with beach bonfires, waterfall trips, parties and more parties included. Definitely a tropical paradise with stunning cliffs that get the eye, that should be enough to convince you to sail to Negril.

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