World's most expensive sheep sold

A six-month-old sheep need never worry again about being turned into lamb chops after being sold for a record-breaking £231,000.The Texel tup called Deveronvale Perfection became the most expensive sheep in the world after it was auctioned at a livestock market in Lanark.The pedigree ram was bred by Graham Morrison, of Banff, and bought by Fraserburgh farmer Jimmy Douglas.

Experts said that although the "staggering" sale price would take some by surprise, the purchase was likely to be an excellent investment.
John Yates, chief executive of the Texel Sheep Society, said the ram is expected to father pedigree lambs worth millions of pounds for his new owner.
He said: "High prices are of no surprise at a prestigious event like this, but the staggering amount that Deveronvale Perfection did go for surprised a lot of people.
"But the Texel breed is a great investment and these breeders, when they see an animal of Deveronvale's stature, they see the added value for future returns.
"A lot of people see these animals as lamb chops, but a lot of effort and dedication goes into developing these flocks, which are at the top of the genetic pile.

"This was the elite animal which stood out, and I have no doubt, given the genetic superiority of the animal, that he will give Mr Douglas a good return."

Mr Yates said the previous UK record holder, Tophill Joe - another Texel - earned his owner £1m after being bought for £128,000 in 2004.The previous world record price for a sheep was set in Australia in 1989 when £205,000 was paid for a Merino tup.

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