Australian photographer who goes Down Under when the surf's up

Underwater photographer Mark Tipple's latest work gives a turtle's eye view of swimmers as they roll in the wake of 15ft high waves. Brave Mark, 29, travels around Australia diving under powerful waves. Using his underwater camera he captures the 'battle' between man and the awesome power of the ocean.

His series of shots show swimmers frozen in time as they dive below the surf to avoid being pounded. These never-before-seen pictures from across the Australian summer form his series, The Underwater Project.

'I'm constantly in awe of the different moods the ocean goes through on an annual cycle,' said Mark, from Sydney. 'I'm trying to capture those moods through people underwater.

'The latest pictures in this series were mainly shot around the Sydney area. During summer the beaches are pretty crowded all day, everyday, so it was fun to shoot just down the road from my house.


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