9 Most Beautiful Women In Today’s Politics

1. Alina Kabaeva, 27, Russia

Alina Kabaeva is former gymnast, the most successful that Russia ever had. She has won 18 World Championship medals, 2 Olympics medals and 25 European Championship medals. She retired in 2007 and entered the Russian Parliament as a member of pro-Putin party. There were rumors that the current Prime Minister would leave his wife to marry Ana, which was denied by both of them.

2. Mara Rosaria Carfagna, 35, Italy

“Mara La Bella” is Minister for Equal Opportunity of Italy. For the former showgirl, model and TV presenter the outspoken Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi once said: “If I was not already married I would have married her immediately”. So, it is speculated that they had an affair. She was also entitled as “World´s Hottest Politician” by Maxim.

3. Yuri Fujikawa, 29, Japan

Yuri Fujikawa is a local politician in Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture. She has worked as a model, proceeded doing that even while she is in the office. There was some controversy not only because she is beautiful but because a porn star has taken her name. However, no one is confused with the identity of this beautiful and smart politician.

4. Belinda Stronach, 45, Canada

The daughter of wealthy auto parts manufacture was “the most powerful business woman in Canada” in 2001 according to National Post. She is currently a member of the Parliament, but her beginning in politics was not easy, as she has switched several parties. The twice married mother of two has a long history of dating or having affairs with Hockey players. When asked about her personal life she retorted “Let’s face it. I don’t sit at home and knit on Friday nights.”

5. Emma Kiernan, 28, Ireland

The young runner for the local council Fine Gael became famous by her photos on Facebook, showing her having fun with her friends. Someone tagged her and kicked off political mini scandal in Ireland. She denied any intention to use it as marketing. However, this beauty has won the elections and probably is thankful to the person who did it.

6. Eva Kaili, 33, Greece

Eva Kaili became a member of Parliament back in 2007. The former TV presenter is considered as the hottest woman in Greek politics, but she’s strongly challenged in recent years.

7. Luciana Leon, 32, Peru

Luciana Leon is the youngest Member of Parliament in Peruvian history. Supposedly she was brought in the party to attract young voters. She was named “the most beautiful politician in the world” by an online poll made by Spanish newspaper 20 Minutos back in 2009.

8. Yulia Tymoshenko, 50, Ukraine

The former two times Ukranian Prime Minister can not avoid this list. She was instrumental in Ukraine’s Orange Revolution in 2004. Tymoshenko is famous for her plaited hairstyle, which almost looks like a crown. She has enters in many list of beautiful and powerful politicians.


9. Ruby Dhalla, 36, Canada

Ruby Dhalla is Canadian politician of Indian descent. She is member of Liberal party. She was interested in politics years before she entered in it. In 1984 when some Sikhs were shot by Indian soldiers, 10 years old Ruby sent a letter to Indian Prime Minister Gandhi asking her for ending the violence. Gandhi personally responded and quoted it on a press conference. Also, as any other beauty of Indian origin, she has acted in Bollywood movie.

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