Hollywood's unsolved murder mysteries-Marilyn Monroe

On Aug. 5, 1962, 36-year-old Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her home, after overdosing on barbiturates. The coroner’s report listed Monroe’s death as probable suicide, but many including the first LAPD officer to the scene believe she was murdered.

There was no trace of drugs in Monroe’s stomach, meaning she didn’t swallow her eventual killers; she was also covered in bruises, including a major one on her hip. The toxicologist on the case wanted to examine her organs and blood to understand how the drugs got into her system, but after the initial examination, Monroe’s organs were destroyed.

It was revealed that Monroe had enough chemicals in her system to kill 10 people, but intravenous injection was ruled out after a body exam.

At the time of her death, Monroe was allegedly involved in a relationship with John F. Kennedy, and perhaps his brother, Robert. FBI files released in 2006 showed that Monroe was considered a security risk after cavorting with known communists during a vacation in Mexico.

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