Top 10 Sports Moments of 2010

With only a few days before entering in 2011 it’s time to make a reminder of the best sports moments of the year that is passing by. It was the year of FIFA World Cup, longest tennis match, greatest cricket performance and son on. We can make a Top 100 list, these are just ten of the greatest moments.

1. Spain Finally Wins the FIFA World Cup
It wouldn’t be fair one of the greatest group of players in history of football (soccer) to end their career without lifting the precious golden statue of FIFA. Spaniards were almost perfect on the road to the championship, winning all the games after the opening defeat against Switzerland. Andres Iniesta scored the winner in the final against Nederland that made all people in Spain go on the streets to celebrate. Powerful Germany was also defeated in the process.

2. Rafael Nadal Collects All

Few months after the football World Cup Spanish sports fans had reason to celebrate again. Rafael Nadal won US Open and became only the seventh tennis player in the history of the game who has won all four Grand Slams. That’s very rare success that only Fred Perry, Don Budge, Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, Andre Agassi and his greatest rival Roger Federer had done it before. He had fantastic 2010, winning Roland Garros and Wimbledon in the process.

3. Winless Tiger Woods
Last dozen of months were not easy for the famous golfer. He had huge personal problems that took their price on the golf battlefield. He ended 2010 out of Number 1 spot for a first time after five years. How miserable he was is best described by the fact that in April he didn’t qualified for major tournament for only sixth time in his 14 years long history.

4. Bret Favr Ends His Streak of Consecutive Starts
Brett Favre made his first start for Green Bay packers back in 1992 on 27 September and since than he did everything he could to start every next game. He was often criticized that he sacrificed his team winning chance just to continue the impressive streak, but he was saying that wanted just to help his team mates. However, today he is 41 years old and it was time to stop it. His shoulder was the reason why his streak ended on 13 December 2010, after 297 consecutive games.

5. LeBron James Switch Teams

LeBron James is set to become a NBA legend. He has what it takes: huge talent, high working rate and amazing leadership abilities. However, in his seven years long career he couldn’t win the Championship, so he decided to switch the team in attempt to do it. He was a free agent with five teams deadly interested in his services. His choice was Miami Heat, where Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were already waiting for him.

6. Sebastian Vettel Becomes Youngest F1 Champion
“Baby Schumi” was the reason why Spanish didn’t celebrate one more huge success in 2010. The Heppenheim-born took the lead for the first time when the season ended from Fernando Alonso and team mate Mark Webber, and it was enough to become the youngest Formula 1 champion ever, with 23 years and 135 days, taking such primacy from 2008 champion Lewis Hamilton. When Red Bull boss Christian Horner told him that he became champion, the German showed his unusual emotional nature, opposite of the stereotype for his compatriots. He won five races and ten pole position during the season.

7. San Francisco Giants Wins Their First World Series

San Francisco Giants is not so glamorous team as Yankees and Phillies are, but they managed to bring one of the most important titles in United States to San Francisco for very first time. Superstar Barry Bonds wasn’t in the 2010 squad, but there were a lot of other highly motivated players who proved themselves capable replacing him. The result was improbable, but it came however.

8. Jose Mourinho Wins Treble and Goes Further

Jose Mourinho is maybe the most charismatic man in the beautiful game, but he is also an example of a man who knows how to win. “The Special One” created wonderful group of players that won everything they could. They won Serie A and Coppa Italia with ease, but winning European Champions League wasn’t so easy. However, it was well deserved, as they beat champions of England, Russia, Spain and Germany in the process. After that Mourinho decided to take a new challenge and joined glamorous Real Madrid.

9. Sachin Tendulkar

Indian cricket superstar Sachin Tendulkar did something that is very improbable to be achieved in foreseeable future. “The Little Master” had wonderful season, but when he became the first ever player who has hit double century in One Day International, everyone was in awe. He scored half of the 401 points that South African player had no chances to match.

10. John Isner and Nicolas Mahut Play Tennis Over Eight Hours

John Isner and Nicolas Mahut became world wide known instantly after their 8 hours and 11 minutes long match on Wimbledon, the longest one in game’s history. Amazing 138 games were played in the last set that ended with result 70-68 for Isner. There are two main reasons why the game lasted three days: no one could break opponent’s serve and there’s no possibility for tie-break in fifth set on Grand Slams. Mahut had the bitter taste in the mouth not just because of the loss, but because he won more points in total as well.

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