Argentinean artist Eduardo Relero's 3D street art

Argentinean 3D street artist Eduardo Relero has created worlds of wonder on pavements all over the globe. The 48-year-old began his painting career on the streets of Rome in 1990 and has since gone on to create three-dimensional murals in Germany, France, Spain and America.

amazing-pictures-street-artist-eduardo-relero9A visitor stands next to a 3D mural called, 'Insesatez', in Lleida, Spain

amazing-pictures-street-artist-eduardo-relero73D mural painted by Eduardo Relero called, 'Lying Justice' in Madrid, Spain

amazing-pictures-street-artist-eduardo-relero6Eduardo Relero walking on his 3D mural called, 'Wise Heart' at Getxo, Basque Country, Spain

amazing-pictures-street-artist-eduardo-relero5Eduardo Relero next to his work entitled, 'Palabras' at the Festival 'Malpais' in Lanzarote, Spain

amazing-pictures-street-artist-eduardo-relero2A dog sits next to a 3D mural entitled 'Safe House' in Seville, Spain

amazing-pictures-street-artist-eduardo-releroEduardo Relero

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