Pretty in Pink

Pink - what is it really? Is it an attitude, a pretty flower in a park, or a sunrise? Is pink the color of prison walls to calm the angry soul, or the accident that happens when you mix red with white. Is pink the color of happiness, the symbol of a baby girl, or well dressed man? Is pink the new black, or the old red? Is pink one of the rarest colors in the animal kingdom or is it one of the most interesting? You decide.

This is a California Condor Chick. As you can see, not only is it very pretty is has several nice shades of pink. As such it clearly warranted the number one position on the list.

Pink for sure, these are hairless lab mice. They are nicely set of by the black background. If they had hair the hair would be white, then they would not be on this list, would they?

When people think pink, they think flamingo! Flamingos get their pink color from the shrimp they eat.

Pigs are probably another animal people think of when asked to think of a pink animal. Not all pigs are pink, some are black, brown, or a mixture of these colors. The pink is the color of the skin that would be covered with white hair, if they were hairy, but they are not, so they are pink. Interestingly enough, wild pigs are hairy.

Pink birds again, oh my! This is a pink Cockatoo. A very handsome bird indeed. Often kept as pets, they are noted for their intelligence and ability to mimic sounds and words they hear. If you have one, or have a friend who has one, you could train it to say "Pretty in Pink", in a short time simply by repeating it over and over in the same tone of voice.

Don't they just get cuter and cuter as we go down the list? This is the naked mole rat, you will note, he is also rather blind. They live in caves and probably don't even know how pink they are, or are not. They are not nearly as pink as some pinker critters, which is why they are way down here on the list, just above a kitty, which would frighten most mole rats, if they could see it.

This is hairless breed of cat from Canada, this is the Sphynx cat. She is ignoring the naked mole rat above. Silly cat, mole rats are for children.

Number eight, and last on the list, is the Hairless Terrier Dog, he is way down here, cause he is only part pink. He snuck in after the cat. I think they are friends. Hairless dogs are popular with people who have allergies, or don't like to clean up dog hair, or who just want a freaky looking dog.

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