Most Shockingly Disturbing Delicacies That People Eat Around the World

Human Meat

This is the most disturbing discovery that I have ever stumbled across in ten years using the Internet. Human meat is considered a savory delicacy with a taste similar to chicken, but with sweet tangy meat. I am not kidding, there is a company called “Man Beef” that promotes the fact that they sell human meat to a carefully screened clientele in 15 countries and have been in business in Taiwan for the last 19 years. Apparently, the sell and distribution of human meat is legal in some countries around the world.

Dog Meat

South Korea and China are amongst a few countries around the world that considers dog meat a delicacy. The most disturbing thing is how the dogs are killed and prepared for the eager customers in South Korea. The dog is hung alive and its fur is blow torched off, because it is believed that the more the animal suffers during this preparation process, then the better tasting the meat will be.

Horse Meat

If you ever wanted your very own horse, but couldn't ever afford one, then the next best thing might be a good ol' horse steak. Horsemeat is considered a delicacy in France, Japan, Canada, Italy and some other countries. Considered to be an excellent source of protein and immune to Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, horsemeat is lean, finely textured and firm. Over 65,000 horses are slaughtered each and every year to meet the hungry appetites of those that would rather eat them than ride them.

Monkey Brains

Live monkey brains are considered a rare delicacy in some parts of Asia and Vietnam, where diners strap down live money using a specially designed table and using custom tools the skull is cracked opened. The monkey screams, kicks and bites as the diners dig into the tender brains and gobbles them up. This is a cruel and gruesome meal where wearing the right clothes should always be considered, because an occasional spurt of blood might occur during the meal.

Rat Meat

Now to let you down easy this is not nearly as bad as the first four disturbing delicacies, but the fact that rats are commonly known as disease carriers and scavengers throughout world history is enough to mention them in this article. The French and some Asian countries eat rat, just like some Westerns consume hamburgers and pizza. Rats are usually specially raised and processed for human consumption. Rat meat taste a bit like chicken with a sweeter flavor and is rich in protein.

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