Mother Earth's Jungles

There is great beauty in the jungles of Mother Earth.

Mother Earth has some very beautiful and interesting jungles. So I decided that I would like to share with you the readers some awesome pictures and video of her many jungles.

This amazing shot is from the ground looking up through the Bamboo trees in the Hawaii Maui Bamboo Jungle. The foliage on the trees nearly blots out the sky above the jungle. The trees grow very tall, as they have to compete for sunlight.

This next picture is very cool. It is a jungle waterfall in Belize.

They also give jungle tours in the Belize Jungle and I thought it would be cool to share with you the readers some video on this. Hope you enjoy the video.

This is the Blue Nile Falls in Ethiopia. You can see with a glance the power of Mother Nature at work.

There are some very big crocodiles here and throughout the Nile River. They can grow to over 200 kg. Take a long hard look at this one and you are the judge.

This is an awesome picture of one! If you are thinking about swimming in these waters, you may want to reconsider. Look at the video below and think safety.

Welcome to Brazil and let me introduce you to the Rain forest. This is one of my greatest loves. I enjoy researching the many plants as I feel they hold medicines that may well cure many diseases.

Mother Nature is sure beautiful.

The Rain Forest watershed is home to many beautiful creatures such as in the picture below. What will happen to these animals big and small? The Brazil Rainforest if destroyed it will definitely have an effect on the people, wildlife and the world.

The video below gives some kind of idea as to how many kinds of plants and wildlife there is in the rainforest.

The jungle of Costa Rica is also very beautiful and you may find dwellings such as this one below scattered in places throughout it.

Costa Rica get almost 300 inches of rainfall each year and that my friends is a lot of water. One of my favorite pictures is the one below. You can see the volcanoes in the background of the picture as well as the lush green jungle.

This is an amazing site to see.

The man below is swimming beneath one of the waterfalls deep in the jungle of beautiful Costa Rica.

Costa Rica also has some very beautiful wildlife. Take a long hard look at this beautiful Rufous-tailed Hummingbird captured in the highlands over the central valley Costa Rica. This is just exceptional beauty and my hat is off to the person that caught this with their camera.

There is lots of beautiful jungles in Southern India as well so let me show you the reader some of what I have came up with while researching the jungles in this area too.

My favorite picks of wildlife are the White Bengal Tiger.

You can find this great creature located on the Mainland of Southern Asia and in Central and Southern India. They live in the grassy/swampy areas of the forest. They are also a protected species now.

I also love the Royal Bengal Tiger, as it is another very awesome creature in the big cat family that deserves a mention as well.

Never underestimate the tiger, as they are very unpredictable, as you will see in the video below.

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