Prominent Lunar Craters

The following are some of the deepest lunar craters.


Moretus is the deepest lunar crater with a depth of 5.0 km. it is located near the south pole of the moon. The crater appears oblong and the floor is flat.


Tycho has a depth of 4.8 km. It is surrounded by a distinctive ray system that forms long spokes which can reach as long as 1,500 km. These rays can be observed when this crater is illuminated by earthlight.


Piccolomini has a depth of 4.5 km. Piccolomini is formed 3.2 to 3.8 billion years ago. The floor of the crater is smooth with only minor hills.


Having a depth of 4.4 km and a diameter of 129 km Albategnius is an ancient lunar impact crater. The outer wall is hexagonal and eroded with impacts, valleys and land ships.

Largest craters:

The following are some of the largest lunar craters.


Bailly is the largest crater on the near side of the Moon with a diameter of 303 km and depth of 4.3 km. This can be visible during full moon days. Bailly has remained free of lava flooding and is covered with a multitude of ridges and craters. This crater is estimated to be more than 3 billion years old.


Having a diameter of 227 km Schickard is the second largest crater. It appears oblong due to foreshortening as it lies near the lunar limb. The floor of this crater is partially flooded by lava and the other portion is rough-textured.


Clavius is the third largest crater with a diameter of 225 km and depth of 3.5 km. This crater is estimated to be about 4 billion years old. Clavius can be seen as a notch about one or two days after the moon reaches first quarter.


Humboldt is a large lunar crater with a diameter of 207 km. The depth of this crater is unknown. This crater is an irregular circle having a network of clefts forming a pattern of radial spokes and concentric arc on its surface floor.


Maginus is a large lunar with a diameter of 194 km and a depth of 4.3 Km. It is located in the southern highlands. The floor of this crater is flat and it has a pair of low central peaks

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