10 Most Evil Women that you Wouldn’t want to Meet !!!

With so many women in the world, you might not be able to distinguish from the ones that you would and wouldn’t want to meet. I mean, we see celebrity’s on television all the time and we try to judge their character and decide whether or not you think they are worthy of meeting or not. I do it all the time and I am sure it is just a subconscious thing that everyone does. 

When there is an actor or actress that I think is fantastic in a movie that I can’t stop watching, it really does kill me to hear that they did something that is detrimental to their character. Take what happened with Tiger Woods as an example. The man went for most of his life being the greatest golfer in human history to being at the very front of one of the biggest sex scandals and star athlete has ever seen. With over 13 different women getting involved and his career on the line, Tiger might not be someone you want to meet after hearing something like that. 

Well regardless of whether you will ever have the opportunity of actually coming face to face with anyone, you might want to know about the women that are so evil that you should never even consider wanting to meet them. We wouldn’t want to waste our time coming up with a list of men that you wouldn’t want to meet, it would probably be too long. However, the women here are so evil I cringed when writing about each one of them. With a list like this you know exactly who you need to stay away from, and you also know the unlucky women in the world who were scary enough to end up on this list.

1) Katherine Knight – Born: 1956

Katherine Knight isn’t the kind of lady that you would ever want to meet and she easily made our list of the 10 most evil women in history. Katherine was the very first Australian woman to be sentenced to a natural life sentence in prison in which she would never get out of. She served her term without parole due to a history of violence in her relationships. She broke in one of her ex-husbands faces and cut the throat of another husband that came later in her life. Finally, she ended up with John Charles Thomas Price and when Price tried to simply exit the marriage, she stabbed him at least 37 times all throughout his body and then proceeded to cut off his head and cook it up in a soup pot.

2) Elizabeth Bathory – Born: 1560

Elizabeth Bathory was once considered the most dangerous woman on the planet and still to this day is considered as one of the most vicious serial killers in all of history between both women and men. For years people wondered about the missing girls that just seemed to vanish when she was present. Then, a couple of men found on girl dead and one girl bleeding to death. They said they were beaten, stabbed with needles, burned sometimes even on their genitalia, bitten by Elizabeth in the face, and starved to death. Elizabeth Bathory had a unique approach to killing the girls that she despised so much.

3) Beverly Allitt -Born: 1968
Being one of the most well known serial killers in the country of England, Beverly Allitt who was born in 1968 was as dangerous as you could ever imagine. She was a nurse and was held responsible for murdering 4 children and severely injuring another 5. She was sentenced to death for injecting potassium and insulin injections into the children and trying to kill them.
4) Queen Mary I – Born: 1516

Definitely a scary one on the list is Queen Mary I. She was crowned her queen position just after the death of Edward VI and when the Queen-lady Jane Grey was removed from her thrown. Mary violently returned to England and Catholicism and dozens of prominent Protestants were executed because they believed that Queen Mary was behind the tale of the “Bloody Marry.”

5) Myra Hindley- Born: 1942

Responsible for all of the well known “Moors murders” Myra Hindley is a killer that belonged behind bars long before she was ever sent there. She lived in Manchester Britain in the 1960′s. Her and her monster of a husband are responsible for several murders that took place during that time. They were sentenced to jail for kidnapping, sexually abusing, and torturing and murdering three children that were so little and precious under the age of just 12 years old as well as another two teenagers who were 16 and 17 years old. They found a key in her possession that led to her conviction.

6) Isabella of Castile – Born: 1451

She might have existed a long time ago but boy did she pack a punch. Isabella I of Spain was as mean as they come. She and her husband were held responsible for making the unification of Spain under their grandson Carlos I. They wanted the Jews and Muslims out and they made sure that they got what they wanted by making nearly 20,000 people leave Spain with their heads down.

7) Belle Gunness – Born: 1859

Belle Gunness was born in 1859 and she died in 1931. She was possibly one of Americas best serial killers in history. She was close to six feet tall, a monster of a woman and she weighed nearly 200 ponds. She was powerful and intimidating to everyone. She is believed to have killed both of her husbands and all of her children throughout her life, all at differing times. It is a fact that sure murdered her boyfriends, daughters, and influential figures in her life. Her reasoning for killing them was simple, she wanted a life to live in luxury and getting their life insurance money was her way of doing so.

8 ) Mary Ann Cotton – Born: 1832

Another horrible serial killer to add to the list that wanted the money that came with her victims. She was married by age 20 and had five lovely children. Four of them later died allegedly of fever and stomach conditions. Both of her husbands apparently died from internal damage as well. It is believe that Mary Ann was an unstoppable serial killer that murdered everyone who got close to her.

9) Ilse Koch – Born: 1906

Also known as the Witch of Buchenwald, the wife of Karl Koch known as Isle Koch Born was the head commander at several concentration camps from the years of 1937 to 1941. She lived off of the power that she and her husband had controlling the camps. They murdered several hundred people throughout their careers and it seems that their power was short lived because later Isle Koch Born committed suicide by hanging herself.

10) Irma Grese – Born: 1923

Possibly one of the most evil women in history and another leader as a Nazi follower, Irma Grese Born was a guard for the concentration camps in Ravensbruck, Auschwitz. She was in charge of over 30,000 Jewish prisoners and she fed hundreds of prisoners to their starving dogs as well as sexually abusing them, murdering some by shooting them, and beating others and lashing them with whips, as well as killing some in the horrible gas chambers. She loved to both physically and emotionally damaging their prisoners.
I’m not sure you would ever want to be any one of these 10 evil women.

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