Top 10 Blogs on HealthCare Reform

HospitalCorridorHealth care reform has been a big issue for quite a while now. Both sides are very fervent in their ideas of what is wrong and what is right. Of course, we have our own opinion in this matter, which is why there are multiple blogs and sites that do just this. They voice their opinions for the entire world to see and read.
The Obama administration, since the start, has been very pushy in their idea of a better health care system. They want the American people to have an equal chance at health care, and at a more affordable price. As of now, we really can’t do anything about this, whether or not the reform will push through depends on the Senate now. As for the blogs and websites pertaining to health care reform, I listed the top ten which I really liked.
  1. – this blog by Alan Katz tells about the health care reform from his point of view. The blog has a lot of interesting issues that’s being talked about here, and because the blogger is experienced in the field of health care, he has many things to say.
  2. – this site talks about everything related to health care, most especially its benefits. Because this is a government site, it’s biased towards the good health care can bring us. “Reduce long-term growth of health care costs for businesses and government”, “guarantee choice of doctors and health plans”, and “improve patient safety and quality of care”: these are just three of the benefits being explained in this site.
  3. – the blog talks mainly about the problems that come with a health care reform. It tackles the issues we often hear in the media and the blogger gives his perspective to the issue at hand.
  4. – the goal of this blog is to convince the politicians into doing their job to fight the insurance agencies who opt not to have health reform. The blog talks about their belief in the health care system: it is for the American people. They have principles that they stand by and use when writing blog entries.
  5. – Rubin Health gives the latest information regarding health care. The good thing about this site is, their target reader are not followers if the issues that are coming out. That said, they really explain everything and tells the truth about the subject. There are no political agendas here, so it’s easy to create your own opinion.
  6. – Susan Shargel is the blogger here. She knows a lot about the insurance industry, yet she thinks that having a health care reform is a good idea. She specifically wants to target small business owners, since she knows they are having a hard time earning money, and health care reform is one way of reducing their expenses.
  7. – This blog is for the health care reform. For them, the lower cost and benefit of health care is enough reason for us to have it. They say that our current health care is corrupt that needs immediate change, because it’s getting much worse.
  8. – Like many of the blogs listed here, this one is also against our health care today. They want change! The American people are wasting a lot of money in health insurance, when in fact, it can become cheaper yet more effective in doing its job.
  9. – This is a newspaper blog which keeps us updated on the health issues. The blog helps us make sense of it because they know that health care is a complicated subject with many angles to it, both positive and negative.
  10. – This site is made by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, whose main goal is to lead the Americans into receiving the best possible health care. This is only possible with the reform that Obama is trying to make and pass through Congress.
It’s the start of a new year, yet the big issues are still pending. We can’t make a stand as to how our health should be handled. If you want the reform, you still have to wait for the results. There are so many people who fight it, simply because of the disadvantages that come with it. Either way, it’s not a win-win situation. In the end, one side will lose and the other one will be happy with the result.

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