10 Most Unusual Celebrity Deaths

1. Alexander I of Greece

Unusual death of Alexander I of Greece
Image source - Wikipedia
Alexander, who ruled Greece as King of the Hellenes, was walking through the Royal Gardens with his pet dog, when the dog was attacked by a monkey. Alexander fended off the monkey with a stick, but in the fight the monkey bit him on the hand slightly. Another monkey then rushed to the defense of his mate and the King received another bite, which severely lacerated a gland. The King would probably have survived the bites, but unfortunately both animals were found to have been diseased after they were destroyed. The infection poisoned the King’s entire system. He died of sepsis on 25 October 1920 in Athens.

2. Martha Mansfield

Unusual death of Martha Mansfield
Image source - Wikipedia
Martha Mansfield, American actress in silent films and vaudeville stage plays, was severely burned when a match, tossed by a cast member, ignited her costume of hoopskirts and flimsy ruffles. She had just finished her scenes in the film “The Warrens of Virginia” and retired to a car when her Civil War dress burst into flames. Co-star Wilfred Lytell threw his heavy overcoat over Martha and saved her neck and face. The chauffeur of the actress’ car was burned badly on his hands while trying to remove the burning dress from the actress. She was rushed to the hospital where she died next day, on November 30, 1923.

3. Isadora Duncan

Unusual death of Isidora Duncan
Image source - Wikipedia
Isadora Duncan, the American dancer considered by many to be the creator of modern dance, died as dramatically as she had lived. Her affinity for flowing scarves was the cause of her death in a freak automobile accident in Nice, France, on September 14, 1927. The automobile was going at full speed when the scarf of strong silk suddenly began winding around the wheel and with terrific force dragged Miss Duncan, around whom it was securely wrapped, bodily over the side of the car, precipitating her with violence against the cobblestone street. She was dragged for few yards before the chauffeur halted, attracted by her cries in the street.

4. Sirkka Sari

Unusual death of Sirkka Sari
Image source - www.listverse.com
Sirkka Sari, Finnish actress, died when she fell down a chimney. Her death happened on July 30, 1939 in the hotel Aulanko, when the film crew was celebrating the completion of her third and last movie. During the celebration, as almost everyone was quite drunk, Sirkka went to climb the stairs to the roof. She mistook a chimney for a balcony and fell to her death into a heating boiler.

5. Albert Dekker

Unusual death of Albert Dakker
Image source - www.flixster.com
Albert Dekker, American politician and actor, was found dead on May 5, 1968 in his Hollywood home,  after failing to answer numerous phone calls for two days. His fiancé Geraldine Saunders went to his apartment and got the manager to open the door. When they entered the bathroom, they saw Dekker kneeling nude in the bathtub, wearing woman’s lingerie. A horse’s bit was in his mouth and a scarf was tied over his eyes . A noose was wrapped around his neck and looped around the shower’s curtain rod. He was also blindfolded and handcuffed and had word ”whip” scrawled in red lipstick on his right buttock and other sexually explicit words written on his throat and chest.

6. Terry Alan Kath

Unusual death of Terry Kath
Image source - www.themusicsover.com
Terry Alan Kath, the guitarist and founding member of the rock band Chicago, died on January 23, 1978 from an unintentional self-inflicted gunshot wound. After a party at band technician Don Johnson’s home in Los Angeles, Kath took an unloaded .38 revolver, putting it to his head and pulling the trigger few times on the empty chambers. Johnson had warned him several times to be careful, but Keith didn’t pay attention. Then he took a semiautomatic 9 mm pistol and said to his wife and Johnson, “Don’t worry, it’s not loaded.” He put the gun to his temple and pulled the trigger. There was a bullet in the chamber, and he died instantly.

7. Victor “Vic” Morrow

Unusual death of Vic Morrow
Image source - www.poorwilliam.net
Vic Morrow, famous American actor, died along with two children during the filming of Twilight Zone: The Movie, on July 23, 1982 in Ventura County, California. Morrow, and the two children, who were only 6 and 7 years old, were filming a scene for the Vietnam sequence in which their characters attempt to get throu the river and escape from a pursuing U.S. Army helicopter out of a deserted Vietnamese village.  The helicopter came to just 24 feet above them when pyrotechnic explosions damaged it and caused the helicopter to crash on top of them, , killing them all instantly. The cameras were still rolling.

8. Jon-Erik Hexum

Unusual death of Jon-Erik Hexum
Image source - www.series-80.net
Jon-Erik Hexum, American model and television actor, died after he unintentionally shot himself in the head while he was filming an episode of the series “Golden Opportunity.” One of the scenes he was filming that day called for his character to load blanks into a .44 Magnum handgun. During a delay in filming, after finishing a scene in which Hexmus fired a revolver with blank rounds, he became restless and impatient and began playing around. Apparently, he had unloaded all but one blank round, spun it, and in what would appear to be a game of Russian roulette, he put the revolver to his right temple and pulled the trigger. Six days after the accident, on October 18, 1984 Hexum was declared dead.

9. Cliff Burton

Unusual death of Cliff Burton
Image source - Wikipedia
Cliff Burton, the famous Metallica’s bass guitarist, died on September 27, 1986 in the buss during a band’s tour in Europe. The band members complained that the sleeping cubicles on the bus were unsatisfactory and uncomfortable. Kirk Hammett and Cliff decided to draw cards, in order to decide who was getting the pick of the bunks. After Cliff had won the game, he chose to sleep in Kirk’s bunk. Next morning, Cliff was asleep when the bus ran over a patch of black ice, skidded off of the road and flipped onto the grass in rural southern Sweden. Cliff was thrown through the window of the bus, which fell on top of him and crushed him to his death.

10. Dr. Hitoshi Christopher Nikaidoh

Unusual Death of Dr. Hitoshi Christopher Nikaidoh
Image source - www.houstonpress.com
Dr. Hitoshi Christopher Nikaidoh, a surgeon, was decapitated as he stepped on to an elevator at Christus St. Joseph Hospital in Houston on August 16, 2003. The elevator doors closed as the surgeon entered, trapping his head inside the elevator while the remainder of his body was still outside. Later, Nikaidoh’s body was found at the bottom of the elevator shaft, while the upper portion of his head was found in the elevator.

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