The 7 Best Destination Wedding Spots

Perhaps a large wedding isn’t in the budget, or the stress of planning that special day isn’t something you look forward to. No matter what your reason, either eloping or planning a destination wedding can save you time, money, and the hassle surrounding a traditional wedding ceremony.

There are dozens of amazing places around the globe to choose as the ultimate location for your destination wedding. Some will allow you to plan a wedding on a budget, while others will cater to your every whim until you’ve created the extravagant day of your dreams. Here are some of our favorite destination wedding spots.

Dramatic Cave in South Wales - United Kingdom

Dramatic Cave in South Wales is an incredible destination for nature lovers who want to have the least impact on the earth possible during their ceremony. The natural cave setting is complemented by two flowing waterfalls that will only serve to add to the romance during your special day. There are a variety of caves to choose from, but “The Dome of St. Paul’s” is our top pick!

Central Park - New York, NY

We have to admit to cringing the first time someone suggested Central Park as the perfect setting for a destination wedding, but upon further investigation we found the park to be an amazing and affordable option for couples in love. Central Park is home to some of the most beautiful gardens you’re ever going to find in an urban setting. All you need to do is pay a small fee and the garden is yours for the ceremony. There are plenty of places to stay in New York City, so you should consider staying in the city for a brief honeymoon after the ceremony as well!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas itself has long been a popular destination for both wedding parties and tourists. We won’t tell you where to get married, but you have plenty of creative choices. Those looking to elope will enjoy a quick ceremony in one of the lovely Vegas wedding chapels, while those looking for a more extravagant affair will enjoy working with wedding planners from some of the most prestigious hotels in the city, such as the Bellagio or the Plaza Hotel.

New Zealand Mountain Tops

If you have a few extra dollars to spare you’ll enjoy a romantic ceremony from the top of a mountain peak in New Zealand. You will, of course, need to charter a helicopter to get there, but we can guarantee you’ll never forget the experience. You won’t have to plan this one alone - New Zealand has a number of wedding services ready and willing to help you plan your wedding, mountaintop or not.

Marriage Island - San Antonio, Texas

The Riverwalk in San Antonio is a popular tourist destination year round. The weather is gorgeous year round, only accented by the twinkling lights hung during the winter holidays. There is a tiny island in the middle of the river, which is now unofficially known as “Marriage Island.” It’s quiet, secluded, romantic - and guaranteed to create memories!

Inverlochy Castle - Scotland

Perhaps you’ve always dreamt of a fairy tale wedding. If so, you’ll want to explore Inverlochy Castle. It is, of course, only one of dozens of castles throughout Scotland and the surrounding countries. The staff at Inverlochy is ready and waiting to help you plan every single detail of your special day, whether you plan to limit yourself to an intimate gathering or to host a large reception.

Grand Hotel - Florence, Italy

The Grand Hotel in Florence, Italy has quickly gained a reputation for being one of the most luxurious destination wedding locations in the world. The hotel used to be an 18th century palace before it was converted into one of the most extravagant hotels along the River Arno. Italy is a truly magical place for a wedding, and even if you don’t choose the Grand Hotel, we guarantee you’ll find a suitable alternative within Florence, Tuscany, or perhaps in a small coastal town.

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