10 Most Common Embarrassing Habits

nosepickHave you ever been sitting at a stop light and looked over to see some guy with his finger up his nose?  Or better yet, jamming out to a song and playing his air drums?  Don’t you just want to ask them if they think their invisible or something?  We can see you!  What is it about being in your car alone that makes you think that people can’t see through glass?  Check out the following funny list of the Top 10 Embarrassing Habits.
  1. Burping. Is it just guys or are there women out there too that take burping to a competitive level?  Children think all bodily noises are funny, but there’s just something that makes all kids try to burp their ABC’s.  I guess some kids just never grow up.
  2. Farting. Here’s another bodily noise that it seems guys find amusing.  And who exactly was the first ever college student to figure out that if he put an open flame near his butt when he farted that it would shoot a flame?  I just find these things curious.  The noise is so funny that kids and adults alike learn how to make the noise using their hand in their armpit.  Not to mention that it wouldn’t take too long to find a toy or gag gift that farts.  Seriously, people make some serious money selling farting noises.  Go figure.
  3. Nose Picking. Okay, who hasn’t had an itchy nose at some point and really sometimes it is necessary, but that is what they have tissues for people!  Not to mention can you do it in the privacy of your own home or at least the bathroom?  What is up with people who have their finger buried to the second knuckle driving down the road?  Wake up!  We can see you.
  4. Spitting. I know those that chew have to spit out the juice or whatever it is, but do we all have to see it splattered on the ground?  Can you spit in a can or something?  Or better yet, give up that nasty habit.  It’s gonna kill ya.
  5. Being late. Now I know we’ve been on a bodily function kick, but there are other embarrassing habits.  It’s pretty embarrassing to walk into a meeting 20 minutes late.  You can only blame it on traffic so many times before people figure out that you just have a lack of planning.
  6. Talking to Yourself. This one I have to admit that I am guilty of on occasion.  However, I don’t tend to do it in public so I think my secret is safe.  You’ve heard the old adage that you should think before you speak.  Is there one about rehearsing what you are going to say before you say it?
  7. Cussing. To some, this is not embarrassing in the least, it’s a way of life.  But to others they cuss at home, but don’t cuss in public.  Unfortunately it’s pretty easy to slip up if you jam your toe or drop your drink.  Now everyone knows you can cuss like a sailor.
  8. Biting your Nails. Some people claim they do this only when they are stressed.  Well, stressed or not it looks gross to be gnawing on your fingers while you’re waiting for an appointment.  Not to mention it doesn’t look professional when you go to shake hands with your future employer at an interview.  If you’re a woman I’d suggest getting fake nails.  They look better and they are much harder to chew on.
  9. Chewing pens. Smokers or ex-smokers do this a lot because they need something in their mouths.  Others are just stuck in an oral phase.  Please consider giving up the habit though because it’s really gross to pick up a pen to write with at work and it has teeth marks on it.
  10. Singing in your Car. Witnessing this has got to be one of the funniest things.  I especially like the air drumming.  I freely admit that I love to sing in my car, but if someone sees me I pretend I’m talking on my cell phone.  Doesn’t everyone?

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