8 Stupidest World records

1. World Record for writing Stupidest Book ever

On 25 November 1998 Les Stewart from Mudjimba (Australia) after 16 years at the typewriter reached his goal of typing all numbers from one to one million – in words (not numbers) on his manual machine. Seven manual typewriters, 1000 ink ribbons, 19,890 pages, 16 years and seven months later, he finished with the lines:
nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine.one million.
Of course it is a World Record for Typing Numbers in Words but it could easily win a prize for most useless and stupidest book ever written. He typed for 20 minutes, “every waking hour”, on the hour until the mammoth task he had set himself was done. But perhaps more bizarre than his world record achievement, is the fact that Les threw out all but two of the 19,890 pages he typed over those fifteen years. He only kept the first and the last pages.
When asked why he has undertaken this time consuming and repetitious task, Les says that he has little else to do now after he has been classed as an invalid due to an accident, and could no longer work.

2. Biggest amount of Smurfs in one place

Hundreds of Croatians put on hundreds of silly little blue costumes and white hats in a valiant attempt to set the world record for the most people dressed up like the characters the Smurfs in one place. Sadly, it turned out that even though they had managed to gather 395 Smurf-a-likes in one place, this Croatian attempt to smash the record turned out to be a waste of time.
A spokesman for the organizers said: “We read on the internet that the record was 290 people held by a group of Americans, and decided to beat it, and we had TV, radio and print media report our success.” The true was that the current record, according to Guinness World Records, was 451 people set by Warwick University Students’ Union last.
Well, they should have felt really stupid in those silly Smurf costumes when they heard about their failure.

3. Most T-shirts on a man

Matt McAllister of 99.9 KTYD’s The Early Show, a radio show in Santa Barbara, CA, set a Guinness World Record by putting on as many shirt as possible in 4 hours.
  • Number of T-shirts:155
  • Extra weight: 100Lbs or 45 Kg
  • Wasted Time : 4 hours
According to other sources this might be a broken record because Nick Umbs, 28, donned 183 T-shirts between sizes small and 10XL and set a new U.S record for most T-shirts. And it still falls short of the new Guinness World Record 224 shirts.

4. Farthest distance traveled under water by Pogo Stick

Ashira furman (USA) jumped 512.06 (1.680 ft) under water on a pogo stick at the Nassau County Aquatic Center in East Meadow, New York, USA, on 2007. We are not sure if it is the same guy in the video, but if you want to se how dumb it looks check this out.

5. Furthest Eyeball Popper

To Letterman’s cue, “Did you hear that Michael Jackson had a baby?” she popped her eyes out. TV viewers were able to watch 2 slow-motion replays, one of them from the side.
Kim Goodman (USA) can pop her eyeballs to a protrusion of 12 mm (0.47 in) beyond her eye sockets. Her eyes were measured in Istanbul, Turkey, on November 2, 2007.
WARNING: Do not try to do this at home. Doctors say it can strain blood vessels and nerves between the eyes and the head and feels unpleasant, though it usually doesn’t cause lasting damage.
Check this video to see her in action.

6. Heaviest Car Balanced on the Head

John Evans from England balanced a 352 lb (159.6 kg) Mini on his head for 33 seconds at The London Studios, UK on May 24, 1999. He is a professional ‘Head Balancer’. Evan has balanced people, books and beers, but the car is by far the most dangerous trick.
He must be really creative person to come up with such a stupid idea – putting a car on your head.
John is also a big guy. He’s 2 meters tall and weighs 343 lb (155.7 kg). But the secret lies in his 24-inch (60.9cm) neck. One wrong step or a blow of a wind and he could be smashed into pieces.
He has also broken 25 records in 11 categories and is going for more.

7. Longest Diary

Robert Shields was a former Minister and high school English teacher who lived in Dayton, Washington, USA, who, after his death, left behind a Worlds longest diary of 37.5 million words chronicling every 5 minutes of his life from 1972 to 1997.
For twenty years, Robert Shields of Dayton, Washington, has kept a written record of absolutely everything that has happened to him, day and night. Writing 4 hours each day, Shields holes himself up in the small office in his home, turns on his stereo, and types.
He believed that discontinuing his diary would be like turning off his life. He went in such details as recording his body temperature, blood pressure, medications, describing his urination, and slept for only two hours at a time so he could describe his dreams. He once said "Maybe by looking into someone’s life at that depth, every minute of every day, they will find out something about all people."

8. Most Cockroaches Eaten in one minute

On the set of The Big Breakfast, London, England on March 5, 2001, Ken Edwards of Glossop, Derbyshire, England ate 36 cockroaches in one minute .
"It’s like having an anesthetic at the back of the throat" says Ken, when he chews his cockroaches.This is due to the scent they let off to ward off predators! Tasty!
He used to work as a rat-cacher and a part-time entertainer. Ken appeared on the stage for the first time at the age of 18 but it took many years when finally at the age of 39 he became a celebrity over night because of his rats-down-the-trouser trick shown on British TV show Over The Top.


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