Mystery Nameless Thing of Berkeley Square

More than 100 years ago, something terrible happened in Berkeley Square.
Nameless Thing of Berkeley Square was a nickname given to the mysterious entity that seen in the 18th century and 19 in a Victorian era building named 50 Berkeley Square in the UK.
Although most researchers are more inclined to enter this event into the category of the supernatural, while others believe that this entity can be incorporated into the category of cryptic or Predator. This is also the reason why I want to write about these creatures.
The building is haunted
The story of this mystery centers on a housing complex called Berkeley Square.
Berkeley Square Complex, built in 1740 by an architect named William Kent. This complex was once the residence of prominent figures, among them Winston Churchill 48, who lives in the building. Then, George Canning, British prime minister in 1827. He lived in the building No.50. And in this building, this mystery begins.
No one knows exactly when and how the building was getting its haunted reputation. However, strange events that accompany this building actually began in the late 1700s. It is said that according to legend, a daughter who lived in the building murdered by a sadist by caregivers. Since then, the ghost of the little girl often saw crying on the floor above.
But only in 1840, this building successfully built its reputation became one of the most feared buildings in the UK.
Horror on the second floor
In that year, Sir Robert War boy’s new 20-year-old heard the rumors about the building were haunted. Raised as a scholar, Warboys despise rumors and looked at only as an urban legend. Warboys colleagues who disagree with that view immediately challenged him to spend the night on the second floor of the building.
With arrogance, he accepted the challenge.
After successfully convincing the guard building, Warboys given a room on the second floor, just above the guard room.
Later, the room will be referred to as one of the most haunted room in the UK.
Then Warboys climbed into the bedroom armed with a pistol and a candle.
Forty-five minutes later, the guard woke up from sleep. He heard a noise in the room upstairs, the rooms are inhabited Warboys. A few seconds later, a gunshot sounded. With haste, he immediately got up and ran toward the top. Arriving at the door of the room, he immediately broke it by force.
What he saw will never forget for life.
Conditions in the room were almost unchanged. However, at the corner of a dimly lit room, Sir Robert Warboys motionless clutching his pistol that still smoke. He was not dead anymore!
What is more appalling is the facial expression of Warboys.
His teeth were tightly shut, and his eyes bulging as if to jump out of her skull. Looks like he had seen something terrible that has killed him instantly.
There are no clues about what has caused Warboys died tragically. The guards just found a hole in the wall due to a bullet fired from the gun.
What has been shot?
What is certain “something” horrible?
Some twenty years later, “something” that comes back. This time, he was seen by witnesses who are alive!
Experience of two sailors
In 1887, two sailors from HMS Penelope in Portsmouth named Robert Martin and Edward Blunden who had just spent money to get drunk get into Berkeley Square complex and decided to go to one of the buildings that were there to find a place to rest. Incidentally they chose the building No.50.
At that time, 50 Berkeley Street has been uninhabited and empty.
Then they had found their way into the basement and broke into it. Because finding a moist ground conditions, both went upstairs and slept in the same room with the room occupied Warboys.
When entering the room, Blunden who seemed more sober than Martin soon realized that the atmosphere in the room made him uneasy. He said if he felt the presence of “something”. But Martin immediately reassured by opening the bedroom window to let the night wind blows inside.
About an hour later, around midnight, Blunden awakened by the sound of creaking door. As he rubbed his eyes, he saw the bedroom door was open.
Blunden who wonders then check around.
Suddenly he saw something!
In dim conditions, Blunden saw a strange gray crept slowly on wooden floor. Along with the creature’s movement, Blunden could hear the friction with the floor that made me shudder.
With gripped by fear that very, very, Blunden wake Martin.
Martin, who awoke immediately, realized what was happening in the room. The two then jumped out of bed.
The creature was seen standing with a strange in front of them. Behind the door there that became their only hope of escape.
Blunden’s trembling glance at the rifle that lay near the window. When he tried to reach it, the creature suddenly jumped up and landed on the neck Blunden. Blunden panic, he began to scream and struggle with the creature.
Seeing the opportunity, Martin quickly ran out of the room, down the stairs, out of the building and immediately shouted for help. Not long after, he met a policeman who was on patrol.
When they returned to the building, they found the room empty. Blunden did not exist there!
Then, they began to search the entire building. When they reached the basement, they found Blunden. However, he was lifeless with dismembered body condition!
Just as the expression of the death of Sir Robert Warboys, Blunden’s face showed an expression of profound fear.
In another version, recounted that Blunden was not killed in the basement, but was killed by a fall from the window due to fear. Although there are different versions, which would all agree that there is something terrible inhabit the building 50 Berkeley Square.
Experience Thomas Lyttleton
The story of apparitions experienced by Martin might be considered a false story sailor who was drunk. But sightings of this creature were also experienced by community leaders who seem to have no reason to lie. One of them is a member of parliament named Thomas Lyttelton who had lived in the same building for some time.
One night, when about to sleep, Lyttelton see something like creature living in his room. He immediately took his rifle and fired. He believes that the creature was shot because he saw it fall. But he could not find any trace or their carcasses.
The creature is it?
According to witnesses who claimed to have seen, the creature was nearly out of shape and look like sticky liquid. When he moves, he will produce strange sounds. Description given enough different, but at least one witness claimed to see if the creature has a set of tentacles like an octopus.
Because of this description, some researchers concluded that the creature is a type of octopus possibility of water or other water creatures that have mutated and successfully migrated from the river Thames into London’s underground canal which eventually make it up to Berkeley Square buildings through plumbing.
This creature may have been targeting a collection of mice that lived in the building when it accidentally finds the drunken sailors.
However, no satisfactory explanation about the range of appearances that a long time. If the creature is a creature of water that mutates, it seems quite impossible because the visibility reaches up to two hundred years.
Therefore, many believe that the creature is a supernatural creature, not a cryptic or predators.
Harry Price, one that examines this mystery intensively in the 1920s found some interesting facts. For example, before in 1790, 50 Berkeley Square was once used as headquarters of the fake document. Price speculated that haunted story building may have been exhaled by counterfeiters is to cover up their illegal activities. However, while Price researching a little deeper, he found a lot of testimony and documentation that tells the story of an encounter with Nameless Thing.
For example, he found an article in “Notes and Queries”, written by WE Howlett, published in 1870. There is written:
“The events of Berkeley Square still mysterious. The story haunted building in Mayfair it can be concluded with a few words: The building has at least one room with a supernatural atmosphere having an adverse effect on the body and mind. One girl had seen and heard the horror and became mad. He never recovered to be able to tell what he had seen. “
Seeing a lot of documentation, Price can only conclude that Poltergeist activity is evil indeed active in the building No.50 in the 1800s. But he believes that the activity has vanished now.
Berkeley Square – Present
Since 1938 until now, the ground floor of Berkeley Square building has been used as a rare bookstore called Maggs Brothers.
Although there are no more sightings were reported over the past few decades, it should be noted that the bookstore employees were not allowed to go upstairs. According to them, since the 1950s, police have put a warning sign on the wall inside the building.
The warning mentions that the top floor of the building may not be used, even for warehouse though.
There is no single person who knows the exact reason … but at least they can expect.

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