Caterpillars of All Stripes

Creepy, Crawly, Pretty
A red-banded caterpillar moves across an exotic flower.

Crossing the Bridge
August 1961: A caterpillar explores the face of actress Jenny Baker.

Power in Numbers
In Bree, Belgium, well-organized caterpillars appear to form one giant beast as they march up a tree.

Please Don't Pinch!
A visitor at Miami Metrozoo's "Big Bug Out" holds a caterpillar in 2001.

Fuzzy, Was He?
Caterpillars crawl on a plant in a giant butterfly farm in Germany.

You Can't Miss It
A bright yellow caterpillar.

Munchies for Silkworms
In Huzhou, China, a farmer feeds fresh mulberry leaves to silkworms, which eventually become moths.

Didn't Roberto Cavalli Use This Pattern?
A caterpillar with beautiful black, white, and yellow markings climbs a plant.

Grub, Grub, Grub
An Oleander Hawk-moth eats a leaf.

Curling Up With a Good Leaf
A monarch larva in all its glory.

Is It Wagging a Tail?
A caterpillar displays some alarmingly cute qualities.

Measuring Sticks
Measuringworms -- the caterpillar form of the Geometer moth -- inch down a plant.

Somebody's Hungry!
A Monarch butterfly caterpillar munches on milkweed.

Silkworms at Work
Silkworms spin cocoons among straws in a silk farm in Huzhou, China.

Caterpillar in Spring
A baby caterpiller hangs from a banyan tree in Kolkata, India.

Keep Your Head Up
A caterpillar in closeup on a cabbage leaf.

In the Groove
A caterpillar of an owl butterfly crawls on a plant in Germany.

Glow in the Dark!
Genetically modified fluorescent silkworms are photographed during the Bio Taiwan tech exhibit.

Having a Ball in Bolivia
A caterpillar explores an unusual plant at the Nayriri butterfly farm near La Paz, Bolivia.

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