Top 10 College Hazing Videos on YouTube

vidCollege hazing rituals have been around for decades. This is really just a part of the standard process of joining a fraternity. Hazing is important for some frats because it is a way for them to see whether the student is really serious about becoming a member. Since fraternities try to stick together even through the difficult times, having hazing beforehand allows the other fraternity members to find out if the new student/member will be loyal to them
At first, pledge week was only about self-mortification and disgusting/difficult things to do. In an effort to one-up each other pledge week quickly incorporated hazing rituals. Some hazing rituals can be as bad as beating someone till they are bruised all over. Below are ten YouTube videos that show hazing. Some may be mild but others could be really bad so viewers BEWARE.
  1. – the video shows a large group of students being together in an n open area. The guys in white are probably the frat members who had the authority to do anything to them. Lots of water were thrown to them from above which is very embarrassing for them.
  2. – this video shows an initiation process during the 60s. Watching this is quite shocking, since decades earlier, I thought hazing wasn’t as common yet. The video shows a student being cut in the face using a shaving knife. All the frat members have the same cut so to be one of them, he must do the same. There’s also a part wherein a college student is forced to go baldheaded as five people catch up with him bringing a shaver.
  3. – although the video is old, it shows the same rituals being done today. A fraternity candidate is being hazed by his superiors by hitting him with a paddle in the butt. There are many people around while this happened, and that’s not all. He had to wear a “scum” sign in the end before his initiation is finished.
  4. – you don’t have to understand the language to see what’s being done to the students here. A famous fraternity in a university made headlines when they had very harsh hazing rituals. This news clip shows the poor neophytes feeling the heat of the wax burning from a candle. They same people are beaten severely before they can join this popular but extreme frat.
  5. – The woman who made this YouTube video tells about the initiation process being done to other schoolmates. This is just a mild hazing ritual since no one is really physically hurt. This is more of a game rather than torture as you can see from other videos.
  6. – You can hear the screams of the people who feel the brunt of the hazing. They are beaten with a bat/paddle while people around them act as if it’s a common occurrence. What made this worse is the insensitivity of those who saw what happened and didn’t do anything about it.
  7. – Women aren’t exempt from hazing rituals. You can see here the embarrassment female students feel as they willingly join the hazing to be a part of a sorority. The student here was collared like a dog, pathetically talked to a cute guy, and so much more. While we may think that females have it easier, the emotional violence they feel is probably worse.
  8. – although this one is a fake hazing ritual, it still shows hazing being done to people who want to join fraternities. Some hazing can be mild and could turn bad to worse all in one day. People can be beaten, embarrassed, and do things they normally wouldn’t do.
  9. – Collared like a dog, paddled like a slave, naked with only underwear: these are the things some students in New York go through in order to join a fraternity. The neophytes are walking around with collars while being dragged by those who “want” to be friends with them.
  10. – This news video shows some of the consequences students can face if they are discovered to be part of hazing their fellow students. This is in light of what happened to a Maryland student who died after participating in a deadly ritual.
As college students know, it is hard to be alone in a new environment. This is the reason why fraternities and sororities are very popular and why people choose to participate in them. Of course everyone knows that the hazing rituals can be dangerous yet they continue on.

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