Amazing Tiny Photos

Double transgenic mouse embryo, 18.5 days

Zebrafish embryo midbrain and diencephalon

Testudinella patina (a rotifer)

 Marine diatoms attached to Polysiphonia (red algae)

Sea water with mixed zooplankton and needle eye

Hydrophilidae sp. (water scavenger beetle) larva

 Xenopus (frog) embryos

Erpobdella octoculata (fresh water leech)

Papaver subpiriforme (corn poppies) flower bud

Antique microscope slide featuring thin section of diseased ivory

 Opening stamen of Mirabilis jalapa (flower)

Ophryotrocha diadema (marine worm) embryo, showing nervous

 Coiled radula of Patella vulgaris (mollusk)

Cedrus atlantica (cedar) leaf crosscut

Trematode sp. (parasitic worm)

Mimetidae sp. (spider) egg case

 Kaleidofly of a Halloween Pennant (dragonfly)

Amisega floridensis (parasitic wasp)
Epilobium parviflorum (small-flowered willowherb) seeds

Clione sp. (planktonic mollusk) larva 

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