Amazing Vertigo-Inducing Viewing Platforms

Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona, USA
This horseshoe-shaped pant-filler hangs approximately 4'000ft above the floor of the grand canyon. But... below the platform is not a sheer drop of that height - it's still extremely high, but not 4'000ft worth. also, the platform is located in a side canyon, not the main one, although it's pretty close. all that said, this is still a monster.

Il Binocolo, Meran, Italy

Within the gardens of trauttmansdorff castle in italy you'll find this charming steel platform poking out through the trees, its name (meaning 'the binoculars') coming from the shape of the platform's small roof and the view of the surrounding landscape. I've no idea of the platform's height - it doesn't look incredibly high - but i know i wouldn't like to fall off the edge. designed by architect matteo thun.

Aurland Lookout, Aurland, Norway

Architects todd saunders and tommie wilhelmsen were commissioned to design a scenic rest-stop 2'000ft above aurland fjord in norway and came up with this beauty. The outermost end of the horizontal platform - which curves to form the structure's support - is closed off by a sheet of glass, offering an incredible view towards the ground for all those with the balls to make the trip to the end.

Top Of Tyrol, Tyrol, Austria

'Top of tyrol', designed by aste architecture, is a spectacular cantilevered viewing platform overhanging a ridge of mount isidor in austria. admittedly the same view could've been gained without the steel platform but it definitely provides a decievingly safe area for tourists wanting a perfect view of stubai glacier. Plus there's always the attraction of the thrill factor as you stand 9 metres away from the mountain.

Dachstein Skywalk, Dachstein Glacier, Austria

Nicknamed the 'balcony of the alps', the dachstein skywalk is perched above the 850ft vertical rockface of the hunerkogelin austria and offers views of both slovenia and the czech republic. In order to scare tourists as much as possible there's also a glass section of floor at the unsupported end of the cantilevered platform, a definite knee-trembler.

The Landscape Promontory, Ticino, Switzerland
The landscape promontory is a suspended viewing platform designed by paolo bürgi as part of the cardada project, a revitalisation of the cardada mountain that is expected to finish in 2010. As with 'il binocolo', the steel and titanium platform enables you to walk amongst the tree tops and experience a view of lake maggiore that was previously unattainable.

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